Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's Day Fun - After School

I heard about this from my sister -edible crayons out of pretzels and chocolate, so while my kids were in school, I went to "town" so to speak. My accomplices to make the fake out crayons...- Food coloring, bread sticks (because my store didn't have the pretzel rods-weird) and Heat and Mold candy.

Took out my new Pampered Chef paring knife to slowly shave the bread sticks into a point.

Slowly is the word on this because I broke a ton! Like all these.
Starting to build a nice supply...

Look, 12 per "box" (or so I thought I could do) Hum-didn't happen.

I put the white candy into different mugs-then heated mug-one at a time in the microwave.

I had to stir right away ..

Then add the food coloring.

Then I had to dip in the bread sticks. Problem-the candy cools down SUPER fast and it would not stick very well to the bread sticks. If I reheated it, it burned the candy-I went through tons of sticks and heating and ARGH!!!!!!!! is all I can say.
Here's all the bread sticks with the frosting on the ends.. had some break on me too.

I printed out these "crayon" labels ( I found online) onto different colored construction paper.
Took my paper trimmer and cut them out..

then wrapped them around my "crayons". I used double stick tape to adhere.

Found this template online-I printed it out on yellow construction paper.

then cut it out, and folded it on the fold guidelines,

Then I took my hole punch and notched the back of the box-like the real boxes have.

I printed out the front cover of a real Crayola box-then glued it to the front on my homemade box. 5 fat "crayons" fit perfectly inside.

Here are two boxes ready to be eaten.

Little crayons so cute and fake.

Someones really happy and likes to eat crayons. (Well, the candy at the end of the stick anyways)

Enjoy! because I will never make these again. I will leave the melting, dipping and stirring to someone else next year. But that smile was worth it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day Fun- At School

I decided to "fool" my kids while at school- by switching up their food in their lunches.After they had gone to bed- I printed these "Donut Seeds Packets" off the Internet (Family Fun Mag) and I put Cheerios inside. ( I didn't have frosted Cheerios) Very easy to do..
Next I wrapped up their sandwiches and put them in foil and then used double stick tape to put the "label" on the bag. (Labels from Family Fun as Well)

I then placed the bags in an empty popcorn box.

I turned an Animal Cracker box upside down and opened it carefully...

Poured out all the crackers and...

put in Banana Chips.

Took my double stick tape and closed it right back up.

Hummm- good as new!

Then I did the same thing to their chip bags...

Poured out chips-cleaned, washed, and dried the inside.

Then put fluffy bunny marshmallows inside!

I bought Dr. Pepper jelly Beans-and opened the first bottle-(but used an Exacto knife to open the second bottle) poured out jelly beans

and put dark Plum Sweets-one by one- in the bottles. Took For-ev-er.

I took scotch tape and wrapped it around the lid, then took my embossing heat gun and "shrunk" it on the lid-can't even tell it was opened! Ta DA!

For my unsuspecting husband-I opened the apple chips bag ( from the bottom) and replaced the chips with the Maui Onion chips.

Then, very late at night, I went to bed. The kids were very surprised. I was the only mom who packed a trick lunch and all the kids kept saying "Open that bag!, "See what's in that one!" They loved it!
They couldn't figure out how I did the bottles, or the boxes that were glued on top. Lily thought I had bought special "April Fools Day " food.
Unfortunately I forgot to send "real food" so they were both hungry after school.

The best thing was my husband didn't get I had switched the chips! He told me ( and I quote) " Don't buy those apple chips any more -its a waste of money because they taste just like NORMAL potato chips" Ha ha I fooled him! Yes! I made a pretend dinner and some crayons for Sawyer. I'll post those as well.

Merry Christmas! Val