Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winter cards

I used two sets at my card class, that invoke memories of chilly nights, and snowy evenings in Montana.
The first set is new "Cold and Cuddly " and I embossed the polar bear and put glitter on the ice. The decorative paper is older from Stampin up "Wintergreen". I love it-yet hate using it, because I know it will soon be gone. (Didn't let that stop me!)
Next up is a retired set called "Espresso Yourself" . I love this set. I especially love the new decorative paper from Stampin up because it reminds me of knit sweaters and mittens! I put glitter on the marsh mellows and mug. I also used a lot of creamy carmel to give it a vintage feel.

It is very hard to "feel" wintertime approaching here. There isn't alot of change in weather, and I know I wont be seeing any frost on the ground anytime soon.
I am however, enjoying all the Christmas decor out in the stores, and thinkin' about who, Christmas represents.

Easy as 1 - 2 -3 !

I'm so excited about cooking this dinner! Yes-I actually used excited and cooking in the same sentence! I got a recipe from a local girl at my Mops meeting, and today I'm testing it out.

The kitchen is smelling delicious, and the kids asked "What's cooking?" when the came home from school.

I'm actually excited to sit down tonight and get their reviews.

So what is this easy as 1,2,3 recipe you ask?

Well, you'll need a crock pot to get started. Mine is from my mom, and I used to use it in Montana, all the time for stew. Since living here in this 82 degree weather, I've only pulled it out of the cupboard to cook little smokies at our Christmas party last year.

First ingredient - pork butt. OK yes, I said the B word. My kids were amazed.
Nothing fancy, just grabbed a medium size one at the grocery store.
Second ingredient-Liquid smoke.

Third and last ingredient- Hawaiian Sea Salt and Seasoning.

Prep-Remove lid from crock pot.

1. Place the P.B. in the crock pot.

2. Pour 1 1/2 tbsp. Liquid Smoke on top of P.B.

3. Pour 1 tbsp. Hawaiian Sea salt on top of P.B.

Finished-Place lid on crock pot , turn knob to low.

Go to craft room and play.
( Well, I wanted to play in craft room-that would be the ideal plan)

Later in the day -admire the wonderful smell and hard work of the crock pot. Impress your neighbors as they smell the scent coming thru your kitchen window!

Get out your trusty,yet ugly, rice cooker and let it go to work for you as well.


Yum yum!

Bedtime and Books

I love this time at night-after bath time, before bedtime, when Brian sits and reads a book to Sawyer.

He practices his speech and listens intently to facts about animals, or insects, and studies every page. I tried to sneak a couple pictures before the flash caught and diverted his attention.

Teacher Treats

Last night I remembered Sawyer didn't have any school on Friday, so I whipped some pumpkin treats together for his teachers.

He has 5 ladies I appreciate- his a main D.O.E. teacher Miss Meg, a speech teacher Miss Barb, and a classroom he shares with the head start kids and two teachers "Auntie Laurie" and "Auntie Mauhe , plus a teachers aide " Auntie Carmel" .

I bought the pumpkins (for a whopping .99 -package of 6), as well as the candy from Safeway. Then I sat and easy, quick tags to tie onto the little black handles. The stamp set I used is an older one from Stampin Up called, " Batty for you".

The decorative paper is from Rusty Pickle, a few years back,which I trimmed with my retired zig zag scissors from Stampin Up. The words on the tag are from older Stampin Up Halloween paper. I used pumpkin pie ink for the words, & stamped the bat and spider images on kraft paper.

Next, I punched out the bat image with my 1" circle punch, the words with my 1 3/8" circle punch, used my scallop punch on pumpkin pie paper for the scallop circle. The ribbon is from Walmart. All in all- less than 20 minutes for five tags, to tell them thanks for all they do. Sweet Treats for very sweet teachers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Beautiful

Had to share.
Looks like a painting.

Someone was playing with my camera

Suspect was last seen wearing a blue t- shirt, tan shorts and tan flip flops. Blond hair, blue eyes, approximate age 4 yrs, around 37 lbs.

If apprehended please tell him 2 photos were blurry, and mama says "No, No."

A little ride up to Hawaii Kai

My dad wanted to cook a big spaghetti dinner on the first night they came to visit, and to give him some room in the kitchen, (and peace and quiet) I drove my aunt,uncle and mom around to see a few sites. I always forget to snap pictures, however I did get the kids talking to each other nicely, and not bickering while looking for possible whales...a Kodak moment...

I also had to take some pictures of the bright,fragrant Plumeria flowers my mom found on the ground, and the lovely model wearing them!

The making of a fireman...

Sawyer has black rubber boots that he loves to wear outside in the dirt.

I found a cute fireman hat at a yard sale last summer.

I picked up a yellow, Gap, rain jacket at a thrift store -because I thought it was cute, and it had been hanging in the boys closet.

I also got some cute Children's Place jeans from a clothing swap, but they were sitting in Sawyer's dresser drawer, because they were too big.

Sawyer got my black oven mitts out to "protect his hands."

And the retro Firetruck on the lanai-only $5!! at my neighbor's yard sale.

When you put this all together -you've got your very own fireman!

Careful-don't spray mom!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bringing fall to me...

Now that my family is gone, and it has been rainy -I'm getting in the mood to start decorating for the holidays. I can't believe it will be Thanksgiving next month!

I went to Safeway and picked up some pumpkins, then ran to the craft store for some fake foliage (that you'd never find on the islands).
I took out the existing plants, took the fall garland and and wrapped it around the rim of my urns.

I placed the pumpkins on the leaves and on the urns.

I love the bright colors when I drive up, and it makes me feel like the fall season has begun.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Card Class with family

My mom and aunt joined in for card class before they left Weds. morning . I had prepared a Thanksgiving card and Christmas card-which they both enjoyed making.

First stamp set "Autumn Days"

This set is called Delightful Decorations.

Friday, October 16, 2009


My family's on their way -I bought a little welcoming bag -Chocolate Macadamia Nuts, Kona Coffee, Macadamia Nut cookies, travel shopping guides and some Lei's.. So excited to see everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Driving home this morning

I had just taken the kids to school and while I was driving home I looked up to the mountains behind my house, and thought it looked so beautiful and pretty, that I got my camera and decided to share some pictures, with you who aren't living here, or are in cold, rainy places..
Neighbors Palm tree

Clouds above it
Our white garage door and palm tree...
Our lovely driveway and house -that I have to finish cleaning because I've been sewing, painting and taking pictures!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye Green

Sorry for the blurry photo-I didn't have very many because I couldn't stand the color of her room, too dinosaur green for me. (Slight miscommunication when Mr.B was at the paint store..) and this pic doesn't truly capture the ominous "green glow" that came from the room...

Anyways, after living with this color for a year and still not loving it, I asked Lily to go through the paint chips and pick a color she liked...
This is it "Pink Cherub" Benjamin Moore.

I was going to take down her stuffed animals off the shelves to start painting, but realized I also hated the stapled valance,that was dusty/dirty and here when we moved in, and the fact that it couldn't be washed.

Everything came out of the room and I took the curtains apart to resew them
(Hey, am I going Green?)

I also had her edit her animals and she decided to get rid of three bags worth of toys for her school Fun Fair. Let me tell you-that was a BIG accomplishment! She knows where each animal came from and each attached memory.

Mr. B bought new longer shelves and new wood brackets and knobs. I set to priming and painting them at 10 pm! Oh yes, I'm a night its uninterrupted time.

Here are the new shelves and brackets without the knobs and curtains. Plus a nice soothing pink color on her walls.

I then added her curtains and she helped me put up all her animals on her shelves.

I still have to put up some white sheers-just haven't found the right length, but here it is last night, before bedtime.

She was a very happy camper and made her bed first thing this morning! I think even her fish looked happier and was smiling. Now to find the perfect rug...