Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea Party Invites

We're having a Tea Party for Lily's 11Th Birthday in March.

Tonight I made the invitations.
First I drew a rough sketch of a cup, then cut it out of computer paper...

I traced it onto cream card stock ...

then cut it out...

I retraced the shape onto scrapbook paper (but didn't include the handle part) and cut it out of the paper. I used an Exacto knife to cut out the handle part...

I also cut out another piece of paper for a decorative edge on the "cup".

Then I shaded every piece with my Chocolate Chip ink...

After shading, I glued the pieces onto the card stock.

I cut out a "paper tea bag" and took my Exacto knife and cut a slit in the tea cup- for the "tea bag" to fit into to.

I made sure to only cut threw the top part of the cup!

I glued the two pieces together, then took some twine and cut it into small lengths for the bag. (Even the twine I got from the thrift store is special -it says "Lily!!"

I stamped the words onto the paper tea bag, and wrote in the details...

12 all done!

I also wrote Tea Party on the little tag..

Ready to go out tomorrow!

Now onto the game planning...hum.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

No time to craft because of this!!

As a "crafter" I love to make, fix and alter things...however, when my craft space and garage becomes MESSY and I neglect to clean or organize it, and when it becomes the "catch all room" in my house-I "freeze up" in the crafting department .

I feel overwhelmed to go "out there' then get bummed not using this great space for me-and the stuff takes over.

I'm posting these gross pic's because last weekend my husband and I spent the WHOLE weekend (minus church) working on this space. We started taking everything outside-looked as if we were moving or having a yard sale!-because we sorted and purged all day.

We put our Christmas boxes up, and our other "keepsakes", and he organized all his tools, supplies, etc...

Now-you can see all the way inside!

All the Lego boxes and ladders and our little book case fit!
...Early Monday morning I went to the dump, thrift store, resale building supply store, and recycling center dropping off our "stuff".

My tables for stamp class, and all my extra decor items and craft supplies....

The neatest thing , I think, is we made a space for shelves that allowed me to put all our games out, and my TV, DVD,and VHS player, so I can watch movies while crafting or the kids can watch while playing games or working on school projects, etc...
Miss Lily's keyboard is outside where she practices uninterrupted too.

I'm so inspired to get out there now!

I'm working on Lily's birthday invitations tonight!! Tea party pictures to come...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hide your permanent markers...

I'm cleaning my house today-so instead of posting a craft project-I'm posting some pictures of a child who took a sharpie marker, drew on himself, then said, "I'm Tiger Boy".

White toothpaste helped get it off, but I still suggest hiding your markers and checking on "very quiet" children...just saying.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Here's a little vintage Hawaiian Girl..

sending Happy Hearts your way!
Remember God Loves you all the time everyday!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Making of a Valentine's Couples Dinner Tradition

Be prepared-LOTS of pictures and a very long post...
Last year I had our first "couple's potluck", where we invited some couples over (without any of our children) and had a potluck together. After eating, we played a question and answer game- "How well do you know your spouse?" - then we compared our answers to that of our spouses. We laughed and laughed over our answers, and each others comments, and had an absolutely great time. This year I decided to have another Couples Valentine dinner-but do it a little differently.
I changed it up, by having us all sit together at the dinner table. I also wanted to make it as formal, romantic and "fancy" as possible. When I told my girlfriends my idea- they were all for it!
In the morning, before the party, it was raining, and the sound was super appealing, and peaceful and set the mood. It was so fun getting the table all prepared.

I started with a 102" fabric tablecloth that I found on clearance for $9.00. I felt blessed to get it, as it was the last one that length, and originally around $25.

I placed my gold clearance Christmas chargers on next. (Ignore the water spots from my iron-they eventually went away)

I purchased a dozen roses from Safeway and divided them into two bunches...

and got out my .99 thrift store vases...

and some ribbon and straight pins.

Then I placed a rubber band around the first bunch of roses...

and wrapped a piece of ribbon around and around to cover it. Afterwards I took a straight pin to hold it in place.

When I put them in the vases, I only filled it half way with water.

Second group of roses...

I placed them on the table, as well as my Ross store clear vases and candles.

I had bought these little tea light holders on clearance from Pier Import...

and had this box of tea light candles handy, that I got two years ago from Salvation Army!

So I placed them the table, too, for "low light", and proceeded to set the table with my wedding china that I need to use way more often!
Wine glasses, coffee cups, flatware, salad plates and dinner plates.

For additional Valentine decorations I had the girls email their wedding pictures, which I printed off in black and white.

Then I traced around the photos and cut them out... fit into these Pier Import frames I found at the thrift store-again-...(4 frames all same, and all together!)

Next I ironed the napkins,

folded them, and put them on the table. (There are websites that show how to fold napkins in all kinds of ways.)

For an added bonus, I bought some chocolates and put them in this heart shaped dish, from Ross, for only....

$1.99!!! Love it!!!!
Here are quite a few shots of the table.
Lights out...

Lights on ...

Looking down...

I had the food on the counter, in the kitchen, so the table wasn't crowded.

We enjoyed grilled salmon, pork chops, rice , mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and some sweet chocolate and strawberry desserts. Everyone brought something, so it was an easy dinner to prepare.

Each couple sat across from each other, and by their wedding photo.

At dinner we talked about where our wedding was held, and who was there, etc.. It was great conversation and memories. (I had one more frame that was added later when they arrived)

Last year our ladies group went through a really good bible study by Tommy Nelson-Song of Solomon- so I added this verse to each place setting.

All the frames in place-in the evening -right before we sat down.

My friends picture, with the verse...

Another closeup.

Better than going out-less expensive and a great time!

Thanks for looking!