Sunday, February 27, 2011

No time to craft because of this!!

As a "crafter" I love to make, fix and alter things...however, when my craft space and garage becomes MESSY and I neglect to clean or organize it, and when it becomes the "catch all room" in my house-I "freeze up" in the crafting department .

I feel overwhelmed to go "out there' then get bummed not using this great space for me-and the stuff takes over.

I'm posting these gross pic's because last weekend my husband and I spent the WHOLE weekend (minus church) working on this space. We started taking everything outside-looked as if we were moving or having a yard sale!-because we sorted and purged all day.

We put our Christmas boxes up, and our other "keepsakes", and he organized all his tools, supplies, etc...

Now-you can see all the way inside!

All the Lego boxes and ladders and our little book case fit!
...Early Monday morning I went to the dump, thrift store, resale building supply store, and recycling center dropping off our "stuff".

My tables for stamp class, and all my extra decor items and craft supplies....

The neatest thing , I think, is we made a space for shelves that allowed me to put all our games out, and my TV, DVD,and VHS player, so I can watch movies while crafting or the kids can watch while playing games or working on school projects, etc...
Miss Lily's keyboard is outside where she practices uninterrupted too.

I'm so inspired to get out there now!

I'm working on Lily's birthday invitations tonight!! Tea party pictures to come...

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