Saturday, October 27, 2012

50's style Invite

We're having a 50's themed party for my sister's 50th birthday! I made the invitations.
I purchased a package of 10 bridal boxes for $1 at the dollar store and pink & black felt at the fabric store for .66.

I started by tracing the top portion onto white paper and making a t-shirt.

Then I cut it out.

Next I traced the bottom portion onto the pink felt.

Then I cut it out.

I used my double face tape and glued it on.

Next, I traced a line and belt buckle onto "crocodile" paper and made a belt.

Then I made a quick poodle drawing onto some cardboard and cut it out for a template for my poodle.
I cut around the drawing until I had little dogs for my skirts.

Each one was a bit different.
 I used black thread for the leash.
 I made a few loops and used glue under the poodle to adhere the dog and string.
 Next I glued on the belt.
 Here are the finished invites! All for under $2!

I purchased 50's style glasses and sent each person a pair with their invitation.