Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Cardboard Chart

Its summer time and with that- comes alot of time hanging at home...with sibling rivalry, etc...
I had the kids sit down while I wrote what we should be doing this summer and they came up with game plan..
Here it is.

So far, so good.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a winner!

I read the DIY showoff blog and today I found out I won something!! What a great way to start the day!!
I had to guess what number her post was, on her two year anniversary-I was the closet guess.So excited! You'll have to check out her blog-lots of pic's and inspiration!
Here's what I read today on her blog...

The DIY Show Off

The person closest to guessing the number of the Anniversary blog post (781) without going over is...


Val wins a custom vinyl monogram!


Yeah Val wins!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Library Card

The summer reading program just started at our public library. The older two had picked out their books, and got out their cards. Sawyer didn't have one -so the librarian told him, if he could write his whole name and fit it on the white space on the back of the card-he could get his own. 

She gave him a piece of paper with little boxes (to practice on first) then when he had stayed in the space allowed, he was given a permanent Sharpie Marker to write on the "real deal" card.
Needless to say- he did it! He's very happy, and very excited, to get more books.

Something New

Can you tell what this is? I am learning something new!

Knitting! The pastor's wife stared a easy knitting class two times a month and this is what I did last night...
I know its not much to look at, and scarves aren't too practical in Hawaii, but I like learning new things.
I love that this skein of yarn is proudly made in the USA. (That little flag had me at Hello.)


The yarn is called Buff Fleck...

- I think it's a close relative to my kitchen granite!
Maybe I just tend to pick things that are natural/neutral in color.
One day this shall be finished!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Transporter Biker

A couple months ago my next door neighbor's son outgrew his Transporter costume, so he gave it to Sawyer.
Sawyer likes all Superhero/costume related items. Although it isn't anywhere near Halloween,

he promptly put it on...
...then went outside 

to ride his bike in style.

His own style.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Grand Waikiki Hilton "Staycation"!

Be prepared---I am going to post alot of pictures about this staycation!!
A great friend blessed my family with three FREE nights at the Hilton, in Waikiki. It was AWESOME- to say the least. This place was beautiful-and it felt so luxurious. A tour-this was going out towards the main lobby and pool, etc.. 

Passed by this fountain...

giant painted canvas of Heleconia plants...

Carved wood panels-

more panels..

some interesting wool carpet...

A very tall hutch showcasing Hawaiian artifacts,

and weapons.

Woven headdress

Hawaiian gourds...

Large flower arrangement

seating area by elevator...

and wood panel above elevator (told you, lots of pics)

The mirror by elevators- I love all this wood work.


Now-our 3 Room/Suite! 17th floor.

Let's take a tour...Living room,
walking into room...

another angle.

...flat screen #1 & door to kids room.
(We don't have cable, so flat screens all through this place was a big treat for all of us) Lots of HGTV watching!

Dining room

sconce and mirror detail.

Full kitchen, microwave, oven, fridge,etc...

the tile accent on kitchen back splash...

Kid's Room left of living room... 

watching flat screen #2 (Lots of Cartoon Network)

Kids bathroom

Master bedroom...

wood detail on bed.

turning to left, facing the balcony,armorie' and flat screen #3. (Lots of History channel and the military channel)

 Detail on armorie'.

 Master bath

Huge sunken tub and shower stall.

 Sawyer enjoying the huge tub!

Flower tile detail around tub.

On to the outside...
Our view out on the long balcony- looking to the left


and to the right- beach, and lagoon.

Hi Sailboat!

To the right, looking down at the lagoon by day...

and then at night-they even had fireworks on Friday evening!!!!!!!!! The kids were so excited and surprised--it was excellent sitting out watching the show up close.

First morning -we went out to the hotel pool & water slides!
The slides and hot tub...



and Sawyer. He opted to sit in the hot tub, and watch them slide down.

There is another larger pool that the kids went swimming in..

Lily was sweet and pulled Sawyer all around all day.

He got a little braver and tried to go out by himself.
 (Swim lessons this summer)

Eventually they were all hungry...

and tired...

so we went back to the room and I cooked dinner.
(I had planned a "menu" & bought food to make meals for the three days we were there.)

Next day -on to the lagoon and pool.

Brian rented a paddle boat for an hour and

gave them all a turn around the lagoon,

I even tried it, then Levi asked the rental place if he could trade/rent a kayack for the last 1/2 hour.
So all of us tried it out.
Levi and with dad...

Lily with Dad...

 and Sawyer with dad.

I tried it out with Lily...exhausting!!
Levi decided to use it as a paddle board the last bit we had it.

To finish off this wonderful "Staycation" -I give you this video of a hula girl and musicians that were in the hotel lobby on Saturday! Aloha!