Monday, November 23, 2009

Recycling fringe...

I think if cans, wood, and plastic can be reused-recycled to make new items, then all beautiful fringe should be reused as well!
That said- this is exactly what I did last night. My pillows on the love seats were old, worn, torn and faded. I hated them. I did however, love the fringe that was around the edges of our pillows.

A couple months age my hubby brought home a bolt of leftover fabric, from a job. It was outdoor fabric -so I never gave it much thought and stuck it in the garage.

This weekend when we were pulling out Christmas decor boxes, I saw it and looked at the colors in the fabric, and the stripes, and thought that it would go perfectly fine in my living room! So I removed the fringe on all my old pillows...

and at 9 pm last night, after I had cut out the fabric, I sewed until midnight and made it my goal to finish them before bed.

This morning I admired my new indoor/outdoor pillows. I like the fabric because it will resist the kids finger prints and hold up real well.

Easy book clips

I've been helping out with some sweet 4-6Th grade girls on Sundays, and I had told them I'd bring something if they remembered to bring their bibles...
I was going to get some book clips at the bookstore-but hadn't made it there during the week, so..this morning I made my own. Very simple.

I got these paper clips out of the desk...

then I got out these felt flowers ( from Pier Import Easter time)...

and I quickly glued them onto the paper clip with my glue gun. (back to back)

I also got out some Kraft paper and my paper cutter...

and cut little cards to attach them to.

Here's the finished product. Very easy-less than 20 minutes!

P.S. The girls loved them, and the little "bling" on the flower.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Unexpected protection

Can you spot the sword?

If ever you need to protect yourself from an intruder-look no further than my fridge!
Sawyer seems to think the best place in the house to keep all items of importance is in the fridge.

You've got mail!

Woo hoo! I got a box in the mail , from my friend and it was full of goodies!! I so want to stop cleaning and go play in my craft room right now!

I also got two orders of scrapbook paper I ordered, with birthday money from my mom and sis.

I love getting craft supplies in the mail, or after I forgot about ordering them. I also love
hearing "Mailman", when I'm in the kitchen, and see my mailman walking up holding boxes for me!! I know I know paper makes me happy.
Aren't those little Christmas accents cute???

Free Gym Membership

...right outside my door. Free!

Yep-I'm trying to walk, or do some kind of exercise 30 minutes a day. Lately I've been leaving my shoes and socks by the front door.

This is what I usually wake up to when I open my door (6am), gorgeous isn't it?!

I have no excuse not to take advantage of this weather!!!

...For those stuck in snow. I'm sorry.

Drawing on the computer

Lily asked if she could draw on the computer, and I said sure- not realizing how good she is at "drawing" with the tools.

I can't even control them like she can, and everything comes out looking like a kindergartner!

She's illustrating a story she wrote. I'm hoping she'll have books one day and I'll have the original art! (This is a knight giving the king a dragon's horn.)

There's a squirrel in the house

OK, Can I just say I love being home?! Because this is what I get to do, instead of listening to a boss - I get to play in my craft room and make glitter squirrels! Such a necessity..

I saw a smaller 4" squirrel ornament online and loved it. I found a silhouette of a squirrel, and printed it off onto white paper, however it was a bit too small for me.

So I enlarged the photo again, cut it out of the paper,

then traced it onto chipboard, and cut it out again.

Next I painted the chipboard brown, then after it dried, I coated it with glue and Martha Stewart bronze glitter.

My friend was getting rid of a wreath with artificial flowers/leaves, so I reused it by taking everything off and saving the twig wreath. I tied the squirrel to the wreath with some bronze ribbon and hung it on my hutch.

I now like the wreath, and now it is mine.
Happy Fall!

P.S. There are no squirrels in Hawaii!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My older sister and me. Some say Sawyer looks like me...I don't see it,but maybe I'm biased? I don't know how old I am here, but my hairdo is over the top, flip out rockin"!

Someone thought my fridge looked blank..

...and decided to fix the problem with his own artwork.

Umm -do you know?
(and yes I wish the owner would buy a stainless steel fridge,in place of this hardworking monster)

Birthday beach

I went to the beach on my birthday...

walked past lots of pretty foliage...


and didn't realize it was high tide.

Right after I found a spot, (by that coconut in the photo) and sat down , a big wave came in and washed over all my magazines and books! Yikes! I grabbed my purse up in time, but not the book bag.

I eventually moved away from the shore up onto the grassy,bushy area and tried to relax. Earlier in the day I had my yearly eye exam and for got that the doctor has to dilate my pupils -so I was dizzy and nauseous. Plus I think I wasn't supposed to be in bright light for at least 3 hours, not a good idea I guess. I came home and a friend had dropped off some delicious cases of Pierre' and a dozen roses. So thoughtful. I took a nap,then later we watched "Up" a new movie from Pixar. Very good, and a nice low key day all in all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Card Class updates

Cards from class time...
Last week, I used this older set called "Gifts of Joy". It's hard to see, but I used a new embossing folder on the red paper as well. I added glitter, because I love the sparkle!

This set is a new hostess set called "Patterned Pines". I used one ink color to make this card , and it's one I don't normally use-Sage Shadow. I love the background paper "Wintergreen", but unfortunately its discontinued. Bummer -once it's gone, it's gone . Again, I added glitter and a few pearls on the main pine tree.

Well, lookie here-another older stamp set! "Polar Pals". Funny, there isn't any hint of winter here where I live in this warm weather state, but I wanted to stamp up this little image and use glitter AGAIN. I've also been using the white craft pad -way more often this year. I added a discontinued felt snowflake for an accent.

Shes got a happy little face!

My gift to me..

It is 1 am, yep, I am up. It is now officially my birthday. I had decaf coffee this evening with a friend, and when I came home everyone was fast asleep. I hadn't cleaned much today (Veteran's Day/ i.e...kick back day for me) so when I came home, I was faced with dinner dishes in the sink, and a couple of clean piles of laundry...

I decided to clean the house like a "little nighttime house maid" , and when I awaken in the morning (dog tired) I will be greeted with a very clean house! (I will then proceed to have another "kick back" day because now its my birthday, and I'm giving myself the day off.

(The squirrel I found last year at an antique store, the candle Mr. B bought last year, from Pier Import, for me, and the leaf bowl , from Vermont, $2 bucks - thrift store! yeah!)
Happy Fall Good night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Candle Worthy

I read the blog The Nesting Place-and she was suggesting using candles to bring warmth into the home. The word emphasized was "using" them, not "decorating" with them, but actually lightening them up.
I so agree! I buy them when they are on sale at the grocery store, discount store, or from a garage sales - and put them around the house and love to light them!

I've got them in the kitchen..
in the living room...

in bedroom...

my bathroom...


and inside...

I even have them hidden ...

Behind my pictures.

The best advice is don't just wait for "company", light them up for you, and your lovely family-for their comfort and benefit and to add a little warmth into their life.

If I can go a step further-I also suggest -using the "good" dishes, and towels, and cooking
and cleaning up the house not just for company, and special occasions,but...drum roll please.. for your family as well!
They are MORE important than company-yeah?!
We live everyday in our homes, not our company, and we can set it up to be warm and fun and inviting for our sweet lovely kids and hubby, as well. Plus its fun! When they see the candles and smell the food and say -who's coming over? then you can say-you are! you're my company! and then watch, and enjoy their reaction.
I'm getting out my Thanksgiving dishes and decor to celebrate and be thankful for who God put in my life.
Now go light a candle! you are candle worthy!