Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

I stuffed my closet with everything I didn't want to deal with finding a space for, or clothes I couldn't fit, or didn't like.

I didn't like the doors open, or seeing the clutter inside.
I felt depressed, or stressed every time I went to get something out of it. So.. Monday morning , I decided that is enough. The closet is supposed to benefit me-so I decided to purge-BIG time. I started throwing things out on the floor.

Then I took out all the shoes that were dated or uncomfortable and threw them out of the closet.

I bagged it all up, and placed it by the front door.

I saw how much space I had, and all the extra hangers I could use!

I realized I own way to much black attire, and made a mental note to get more " color" in my life/wardrobe.

And I motivated myself to only purchase clothes that made me feel pretty, or fit well, and I cleaned out my purse! It was a great motivator- I know I can always buy more clothes, because there's always a sale, and it will be fun as I lose weight.

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