Friday, June 28, 2013

4th of July Centerpiece Uncle Sam Hat

How I made an inexpensive 4th of July centerpiece!

It began with a with 5 cent plastic hat

I sprayed it with primer

Let it dry

took acrylic paint (dark red, dark blue, brown and cream)

painted the lid and stripe around the hat blue

gave it a couple coats
used my hair dryer to speed it along

took paint stir stick to measure out stripes

painted white stripes first

cut out star stencil-used ruler
then sponge painted on stars..

touched up some rough edges with blue paint--although not perfect-no big deal
added red stripes
painted top blue
all done- (used my hair dryer)

then "grunged it up" with brown paint..

used slightly wet paper towel and rubbed on brown paint then wiped it off

cut hole on top for container

Got an empty coffee can

took off label..

and glued Styrofoam to top..(could be open and used as vase as well!)

I gathered my various thrift store finds...flag candles, paper fans, flags, a bow and roll of red curling ribbon.
I hot glued tooth picks to bottom of paper fans so I could stick them in the foam...

and began putting them in... tallest items in center-smaller on outside.

I glued toothpicks to the curling ribbon...a whole bunch!

glued crinkled paper onto the foam...

then stuck in the toothpicks with curling ribbon.

After I was all done I took the can and placed it in the center of the hat...

I added the bow to the front...

here is a close up

the fans & candles

The top

 Happy 4th!!

Under $3! I can take out all of the things I put in the foam and store it for next year too.
Thanks for stopping by!

4th of July Wreath

Got a large thrift store grape vine wreath...

also bought a floral pick...

 and an older faded flag...

 took off the yellow swag that was attached

strung rope through the flag opening

 tied the flag and made knot
 then tied it to the wreath..
 pushed floral pick through the rope too

 Added my metal star..
 and Ta da! all done
 I added another flag as well.
 I can take it off and put away for next year because nothing was permanently attached.