Monday, August 17, 2009

Hate 'em now-but love 'em later...

...School pictures that is! I wanted to catch a few shots before we left for school-the kids half heartily agreed.These were the best shots..I remember dreading taking pics-but now I wish I had taken tons!

Rearranging Blog style

If you noticed -I changed my blog background! I do it alot, I know,-its easy,fun,and FREEEEE.
I'm in the mood to change my house around, but that takes more time and work -than I have right now-So I change up the blog! (plus I'm in a retro kick right now -love the cherries) You're turn! Fun,free,try it...!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sawyer's Main Man

I don't know what makes a boy gravitate towards one Superhero or another,but last year while shopping in Kmart, 2 months before Halloween, Sawyer spied a Batman costume, and that was that. Done, over-Na DA! He wanted to wear it ALL THE TIME. Still does. Although he hasn't seen a Batman , PG 13 movie (scary),he still chose instant loyalty to him,over Superman,Aqua man,etc.. Today at school,these were his take home papers...

I working on getting him the "Full Armor of God" play set for Christmas.. Remind him who is bigger than Batman!

Cards 2

These are the cards from my card class-Older set called Sketches....

Older stamp set called appropriately "Old fashioned friends"-Sahara sand ink used for the shading...

And a newer set using last years valentine paper..

Some serious construction going on!

Sawyer follows Brian around ,mimicking his every move ,while he's working on the house. Because he wanted to hammer nails- in the wall-(not a good idea!) I gave him some tacks instead.. Small, sharp and able to hammer in wood?-Score!Kept him busy, and as you can see-
he took it very seriously.

M.O.P.S. Table Decor, etc...

I'm coordinating MOPS this year, and having so much fun-I wanted to go with a vintage/ retro theme.
I gave a gift bag to each Steering Team member with a journal and pen...Gift bag above with a vintage girl image.

For our very low cost table centerpieces...
We took a wide mouth Ball jar, tied gingham ribbon around it, and then added the table name tag to it. We're going with famous TV housewives for the table names...(Lucille Ball, June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Aunt Bea, Betty Crocker, etc...)
Inside the jar we put pens, 3x5 cards,etc.. Our handmade name tags were made using wood clothespins, scrapbook paper, flowers, & old buttons.
I stamped 3x5 recipe cards with vintage cooking images, from a Crafty Secrets stamp set. The cards will be for birthday girls.

We also bought red plastic gingham place mats (a July 4Th clearance item) for our tables. Can't wait to begin the year! I love the "homey" feel of all our decorations.

A Boy and his... Gun?

Last night when Brian went in to check on the kids-this is what he found...
Levi was sleeping with his BB gun-one he bought with his own money and cleans regularly.
He's a very good shot and the manager at the shooting range said he's very respectful of the rules,and regulations.
Eventually we'd like to sign him up for target/shooting competitions..However I realize,we failed to tell him-no sleeping with BB guns,no matter how much you like 'it!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I read the Nester's blog and she was talking about a new website call (in)courage..
We were asked what encourages us-my first thought was people! The little things people do or bring to our life-that make me feel thought of,remembered,cared for.
"God with skin on" His mouth piece,his hands in action.
Friends babysitting,calling to see if I want to go on a walk,making me a yogurt & granola snack,giving me hand me down household goodies!,clothes,things for my house,bringing home baked muffins or flowers,sending uplifting messages and emails,praying for me and my life-family,hugs from the kids & hubby,etc...all of this- I think is God encouraging us through people. I hope I can encourage through my acts as well.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inexpensives dates any time, any day...

Whenever I feel the need for some quality/quiet time with my hubby,or want to welcome him home after a lousy day...I decide to have a "home date".
I incorporate what I love about going out-yet save tons of moo-la, by emulating it at home.!

Here are my suggestions for "going out" for under $20"!

1. Beautiful atmosphere!
I love the cleanliness,order and peaceful calm of fancy restaurants-therefore I go around my house and clean,Clean, CLEAN it. I cut fresh flowers, or foliage, from my yard- to place in the living, kitchen, bath and bedrooms,looks beautiful and lush, and oh,did I say beautiful?
I light candles on tables, inside & outside, and I make sure the "entrance" is clutter free and bikes,shoes,toys, ...tripping hazards at the door!

I take time to sweep/vacuum the living room (so it feels like a clean lobby)., then set the lamps & dimmer switches on a lower wattage. I also like to set out fresh hand towels, new soap, and a new roll of toilet paper (folded on the end) in the bathroom. Silly? you say-well..its those "little things" that make it seem special to me!

Basically, I PRETEND ITS NOT my "HOUSE",but an "establishment".! Oh-and absolutely no toys laying stacked up in the living room ,our room,outside etc...-all out of site! Order=calm.Then I set my table with linens, fancy water glasses-candles,the whole nine yards. No paper tonight! Mainly we eat outside on our lanai/patio-depending on the mosquito's.
2.Wonderful Aromas!
I like to have scented candles going, or spray (lightly) some of my room spray throughout the house. It's wonderful to walk into a clean, great smelling place.
3.Tasty dinners!
OK, so I LOVE ordering,and not having to worry about the cooking,or burning of the food.(ha,ha) While I'm dining out-No worries! For home dates-I simply order 2 dinners from the restaurant (or sometimes we split one!), drive to pick it up, & serve it up- on my fancy plates!
4.Adult conversation-company/Grown up time!
I usually feed the children earlier,and have them in bed,or ready for bed- to see him and or say goodnight, if he's working late. We eat later,after their bedtime. I try to avoid conversations concerning my "to do's", the kids bad behaviors,or all my gripes! What kind of date would I be,or him- if it was just a "complaint session!?" I want uplifting, encouraging talk! Romance ladies romance!
5.Soft Music!
You know how there is always light-soft music playing in the background at nice establishments? I put on our favorite evening Cd's, and have it softly, playing.(Plus it helps me not listen to "Mom!,Mom?" in the background.
6.Dressing up!
Yes- I take time to shower,change clothes,freshen up my makeup,and spray on some perfume.
No shorts/work clothes,tank tops at the table! I feel better,act better, when I've washed away the cares of the day.
Well,because we're at home,there's no need to drive & pick up a sitter, pay someone to watch them-then wonder ,"how are the kids doing?,are they behaving?",while trying to's FREE so..I take time to eat,listen,relax and with all that money I've saved, I sometimes rent a great movie & make old fashioned popcorn!

Because I plan this whenever I feel the need to have a date-I find its worth the time & effort, to spend a evening out -at Home. My husband loves coming home to it, and my kids enjoy helping me get ready,and rushing around for our "date" night.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cleaning up

Took some pics of the kids toys before picking up last night..
Levi's creations on his dresser...

Lily's Pet Shop toys all over the floor...

And Sawyer's favorite boots,sword,& backpack full of toys on his favorite denim comforter ...

I think they'll like looking back and remembering what they played with when they were little.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And on the 1st day...

Let there be the faint sound of the dishwasher! As a homemaker, "Hallelujah!" Brian hooked up the garbage disposal and washer for me (Thank you!) and I've done one load of dishes, and have started to load a second..He still has floor boards,grouting,painting..but here is a recent shot.Love the new large sink and faucet.