Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inexpensives dates any time, any day...

Whenever I feel the need for some quality/quiet time with my hubby,or want to welcome him home after a lousy day...I decide to have a "home date".
I incorporate what I love about going out-yet save tons of moo-la, by emulating it at home.!

Here are my suggestions for "going out" for under $20"!

1. Beautiful atmosphere!
I love the cleanliness,order and peaceful calm of fancy restaurants-therefore I go around my house and clean,Clean, CLEAN it. I cut fresh flowers, or foliage, from my yard- to place in the living, kitchen, bath and bedrooms,looks beautiful and lush, and oh,did I say beautiful?
I light candles on tables, inside & outside, and I make sure the "entrance" is clutter free and bikes,shoes,toys, ...tripping hazards at the door!

I take time to sweep/vacuum the living room (so it feels like a clean lobby)., then set the lamps & dimmer switches on a lower wattage. I also like to set out fresh hand towels, new soap, and a new roll of toilet paper (folded on the end) in the bathroom. Silly? you say-well..its those "little things" that make it seem special to me!

Basically, I PRETEND ITS NOT my "HOUSE",but an "establishment".! Oh-and absolutely no toys laying stacked up in the living room ,our room,outside etc...-all out of site! Order=calm.Then I set my table with linens, fancy water glasses-candles,the whole nine yards. No paper tonight! Mainly we eat outside on our lanai/patio-depending on the mosquito's.
2.Wonderful Aromas!
I like to have scented candles going, or spray (lightly) some of my room spray throughout the house. It's wonderful to walk into a clean, great smelling place.
3.Tasty dinners!
OK, so I LOVE ordering,and not having to worry about the cooking,or burning of the food.(ha,ha) While I'm dining out-No worries! For home dates-I simply order 2 dinners from the restaurant (or sometimes we split one!), drive to pick it up, & serve it up- on my fancy plates!
4.Adult conversation-company/Grown up time!
I usually feed the children earlier,and have them in bed,or ready for bed- to see him and or say goodnight, if he's working late. We eat later,after their bedtime. I try to avoid conversations concerning my "to do's", the kids bad behaviors,or all my gripes! What kind of date would I be,or him- if it was just a "complaint session!?" I want uplifting, encouraging talk! Romance ladies romance!
5.Soft Music!
You know how there is always light-soft music playing in the background at nice establishments? I put on our favorite evening Cd's, and have it softly, playing.(Plus it helps me not listen to "Mom!,Mom?" in the background.
6.Dressing up!
Yes- I take time to shower,change clothes,freshen up my makeup,and spray on some perfume.
No shorts/work clothes,tank tops at the table! I feel better,act better, when I've washed away the cares of the day.
Well,because we're at home,there's no need to drive & pick up a sitter, pay someone to watch them-then wonder ,"how are the kids doing?,are they behaving?",while trying to's FREE so..I take time to eat,listen,relax and with all that money I've saved, I sometimes rent a great movie & make old fashioned popcorn!

Because I plan this whenever I feel the need to have a date-I find its worth the time & effort, to spend a evening out -at Home. My husband loves coming home to it, and my kids enjoy helping me get ready,and rushing around for our "date" night.

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livinginparadise said...

I love that! Especially that the kids are helping get things ready for your "date" night. How fun!