Monday, August 10, 2009


I read the Nester's blog and she was talking about a new website call (in)courage..
We were asked what encourages us-my first thought was people! The little things people do or bring to our life-that make me feel thought of,remembered,cared for.
"God with skin on" His mouth piece,his hands in action.
Friends babysitting,calling to see if I want to go on a walk,making me a yogurt & granola snack,giving me hand me down household goodies!,clothes,things for my house,bringing home baked muffins or flowers,sending uplifting messages and emails,praying for me and my life-family,hugs from the kids & hubby,etc...all of this- I think is God encouraging us through people. I hope I can encourage through my acts as well.

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Holley Gerth said...

I love that you said "people" as what encourages you most! I was just thinking this morning how it's relationships that really make life sweet!
Holley - (in)courage