Saturday, April 25, 2009


Early Easter morning, our neighbor came over, and left a bunch of eggs all around the yard. Levi & Lily knew about it, but Sawyer,well, he was stumped.How did all those eggs get on the yard? When he opened the door,he kept saying "Oh,no??!". By the time he picked some up, and got down by the mailbox,he was yelling "Yeah!". So fun.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Future Sidewalk Artist?

Our tile isn't finished in the hallway-so I let Sawyer do some chalk art.One drawing reminds me of a prehistoric fish.

My New houses...

I went in Pier Imports to buy a white candle for my room,but found the Easter merchandise 50% off,and I got some little houses I'd looked at before Easter!
I used a gift card my sister had sent for Christmas-what a great day for me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Faith Like Potatoes...Huh??

This is the title of a movie we just rented from Blockbuster, and that is what I first thought...Huh??
However ,it was EXCELLENT!!! If you rent a movie-let me recommend this one.Based on a true story!!! So that's even better!!!!! My husband liked it too-added bonus.I don't want to give anything rent it and see what I'm talking about.So Good!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Future Golfer!

Here's little Ryan watching his daddy,learning techniques!

Fortunately ...Fun!

My niece tried seeing what comes up when you search your name with "Fortunately"...
here's what came up for me!

Fortunately Valerie is not in the Army
Fortunately, Valerie’s prognosis was positive. ...
Fortunately, Valerie managed to scoot away after these words. ...
Fortunately, Valerie planned well for her future and bought a long term care policy which she intended to use in her elder years
Fortunately, Valerie didn't remain "science-shy" for long.
Fortunately, Valerie went out on an errand in the morning before this happened, so one of our cars is trapped on the street side.

Now your turn-this is fun!


OK I should be resting,or doing dishes...but I read this silly fun thing to do..type in Unfortunately,then your name in quotation marks on a search site and see what pops up-I did and this is what came up...silly,but fun!

Unfortunately, Valerie Hemingway's account of her own history and thought leaves much to be desired.
Unfortunately, Valerie and David soon found out that they ...
Unfortunately Valerie’s witches’ wimple collapsed as she cast her spell. ...
Unfortunately, Valerie will be unable to sign memorabilia. ...
unfortunately Valerie's father fell ill and her mother ...
Unfortunately Valerie Cruz is far too dewy-eyed to make a convincing hardcore cop
Unfortunately, Valerie's situation is all too common
Unfortunately, Valerie had to close the store in 2002

Fortunately it isn't me and it isn't true!
My verse for today...
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Change is going to happen. You can count on it like you can count on summer turning into autumn, autumn turning into winter, and so on. There is a divine purpose for change - it is necessary to prepare for the next season. Instead of spending your energy reacting to the changes that are bound to come, start considering how you can spend that energy embracing those changes and living them out to the fullest.

I planned on crafting today-but now i feel yucky-headache,eyes,sinuses.I needed to remember- a time for every matter...I'll just rest for today and hang with Sawyer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Ole Radio

With all the new technology out there-I still prefer the radio.I love to listen while I'm driving to and from places in the car, when I'm home cleaning up the house,or in my craft room -stamping away. I love that I can go from room to room and hear the music or follow the conversation and do what I need to be doing.Today's broadcast of Focus on the Family was great, and you know when I'm feeling sluggish-how much Kirk Franklin wakes me up, and gets my energy flowing! Yep good ole radio.

Round two Cleaning then..crafting

I spent yesterday with a bucket of bleach water,going through my home, washing every surface.It smelled like a swimming pool in my house and I felt great knowing I was getting rid of germs!Today my preference would be to craft-then clean,but because I have 7 loads of clean laundry sitting on my dining table...I suppose cleaning wins again..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Verse

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.
Malachi 4:2

What an encouragment to read this ,this morning after a night of coughs,fevers and crying kiddos.We'll go see the peditrician and then spend the day resting.At least thats what Im hoping to do!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not my plan...

OK, OK, I have to admit I have set things I like to do,a sort of Monday,beginning of the week schedule, of "things I'll do when kids are in school". Bank,post office,laundry,etc...however, plans go out the window when all three are home, and sick.Poor little people-I know they don't have plans that say "stay in bed,cough,feel crummy,get lots of homework". Easter day wasn't the fun celebration I was hoping for.So..Im learning to forgo my plans, and just comfort & care for them.I guess that is kind of a new way of celebrating Easter? Thinking of others-letting go of self.Hum-always a good lesson to remember.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is a great day to rejoice! Death has no power-Jesus has Risen!
Happy Easter to all!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Very Merry 1/2 Birthday to you!

My lovely grandson (yes, I do have one!) is 6 months old.Check him out -I want to kiss that face!

Next Book Im getting...

"In Praise of Stay at Home Moms"-by Dr.Laura.She was on Focus on the Family today -and it was so refreshing.The encouragement,the importance and the value of mothers-it is a sacrifice of time and self and things...but it has lasting rewards and moments that cant be store bought. How refreshing to be praised for staying home!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lean On Me

I did not want to clean,or do laundry or any kind of House "work" today...I prayed -asked for motivation and put Kirk Franklin on-here is a great song-it brightened my day I'm sharing it!

This is for that little child with no father
For that man that doesn't have a place to stay
For that little boy living with AIDS
Can I tell you a story, tell you a story
You can lean on me

There's a man (oh yes)
Standing on the corner
He has no home
He has no food
And his blue skies are gone (yes it is)
Can't you hear him cryin' out

And there's a girl
Searching for a father and a friend
Praying that the storm someday will end
But instead of walking away
Open up your heart and say

I am here
You don't have to worry
I can see...
I can see your tears
....your tears
I'll be there in a hurry when you call
Yes I will
Here's my shoulder
Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me


Oh, there's a child
Who is sick and begging to be free
But there is no cure for his disease
He looks up to his mother and

As she hold (holds), his hand (hand)
Prayin' that someday
The sun will shine again
And the pain?
And the pain will end
Pain will end....Come on

[Choir] I am here
I am here
You don't have to worry
I can see...
I see...
....your tears, yeah
I'll be there in a hurry when you call
Friends are there to catch you when you fall
I'm your friend and I'll catch you when, when, when you fall
Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me


Tell me, how can I, how can I love Jesus
When I've never seen His face
Yeah, I see you dying
And I turn and walk away

Let me take you to a friend of mine
He's waiting just to ease your troubled mind
Yeah, yeah, He loves you more than you'll ever know
'Stead of walking away
Open up
Open up your heart and say
Come on

I am here
You don't have to worry
I can see your tears
I'll be there in a hurry when you call
When you call, friends will be there to catch you when, catch you when you fall
Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me
Thank you Jesus, yeah
OhYeah, oh yeah

Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me
Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me
You can lean on me
Lean on me, yeah, yeah
You're my friend but you're also my brother
Here's my shoulder, you can lean on me

Cowboys and Indians

Sawyer was real quiet-when I found him, he was playing away with this "old school" set of plastic figures.

Better pics of lamps & bedside tables

I had previously taken a pic of my painted tables -for $15~ and my lamps-for $8!
but it didn't show up well on my blog-here are a few better ones.
The tables had laminated tops and stained bamboo wood-I primed, then painted them, and added new nickel knobs to the drawers.I love them now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A little crafting will do ya!

I was so bored yesterday-cleaned the house ,made dinner,washed laundry-regular ,nothing I went in my craft room and started playing around with some chipboard,paint,glitter,stamps, and Wa la! I made a chick and a rabbit to hang up for Easter and..the best part-my mood changed, because I was crafting! I really think when people have God given,healthy interests and hobbies-sewing,painting,music,writing,gardening-that it helps us feel happy,alive and satisfied to do them .Here are the fruits of my labor.
The first photo-rabbit egg card -is store bought -I added glitter and foam core and ribbon to go around it..The "Hoppy Easter" words are by Bethany Lowe..