Saturday, April 25, 2009


Early Easter morning, our neighbor came over, and left a bunch of eggs all around the yard. Levi & Lily knew about it, but Sawyer,well, he was stumped.How did all those eggs get on the yard? When he opened the door,he kept saying "Oh,no??!". By the time he picked some up, and got down by the mailbox,he was yelling "Yeah!". So fun.


Anonymous said...

So cute Val! I really miss you guys. I hope you had a great Easter. We spent it with Brian's parents in Key West - it was so nice to thaw out after a long, cold winter! Take care. Michelle

Aunt Kris said...

this made me laugh! he is the cutest little guy. love it!

McBritney said...

aww that is so cute! im glad the other kids didn't mess up the surprise haha i cant wait to see ryan growing up and doing things like that!