Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Tulips,Table and Treats

Our table for Easter... I didn't have an Easter cloth -but found this paper one in my stash while I was cleaning out my messy garage/craft room. I used my gingham banner I made for our anniversary party last year.

 Used these rabbit figures again-bought at the Salvation Army last year. The chick inside her cart was made/painted by my husband's grandma.Can you see her tucked in there?

I love fresh flowers!! What better time to celebrate with live plants -then on Easter??
I asked my husband to pick some up on his way home-I guess the store was almost completely out.
I picked up the yellow rose tea light candle holders at a yard sale.

I used blue Fiestaware plates and blue flower plates, fruit and egg cups for the boys. (Fresh brand-Safeway)

Yellow for myself and husband...

And pink for my daughter and guest.. I put a little chick by each egg cup too.

Yellow tulips matched wonderfully!

Pink tulips for the other end...

My sister sent the kids sugar eggs with animals inside. I loved these too when I was little!

Pineapple, honeydew, canelope and "angel" eggs with dinner.

Lily's basket..

Levi's basket..(Lily got the stuffed animals after they saw them)
 Sawyer's basket..
Great day-celebrating Jesus.