Monday, August 30, 2010

Card for the little guys

This card was made using one of my favorite retired sets. I don't have alot of boy sets so I am super fond of this one- "Little Boys" from Stampin' Up.
I shaded the edges of the paper, used retired Thanksgiving paper and felt ribbon from the Stampin' Up's Christmas catalog 2009.
We have alot of big bufo frogs here in HI and they love to go out onto the lawn when it rains. My kids love catching them as well. (They have to wash their hands very throughly -they have toxic secrections. Gross I know) But boys love gross-don't they?
I also have been trying to use more buttons on my cards and stop stashing them, and ribbons and paper.
Love my boys.

Out with the old....

A few months ago I was dropping off some items at the thrift store and did a quick "run through" just to see if there were any cool deals. I found a square cocktail table that looked like it would match my end tables, but it didn't have any price tag on it.
( I had been looking for a square table, although I had a rectangular coffee table that had seen better days), so I asked the manager how much it was he said $25. Oh yeah ! I paid and loaded it in my van as quickly as I could. ..and I promptly put the old one out in the garage . I'm not usually a glass kind of girl-but I like seeing the rug underneath and how it is higher than the coffee table.

I took some Murphy's Oil soap cleaned it up, and set in in the living room-and rearranged my love seats because I love to do that kind of thing!

I also snagged these candle holders. Hum, another thing I think I like to collect.

From another angle.

Any woo-

One of our kids' school teacher, who shares a house with some other teachers,

mentioned they were looking for furniture, so I offered our old table -which she graciously accepted.

Today, as I was loading it in the van, I saw the kids "signatures" on the bottom -so I took a few pics to remember their little hands laying underneath, drawing and coloring...

and I'm also glad they teachers will be able to use it, paint it, etc...

Goodbye little table.

The Hidden Message..

Lily has a ton of signs on her bedroom door..such as "Keep out", "Girl's Only" and "Please Knock". Today Sawyer asked me for a marker and a piece of paper. Later he showed me what he'd written.

I asked him what it said and he replied, "It says, No people coming in my room."

He drew a timer on the bottom to show me what time I could go in.

Then he proudly taped it to his door.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The List maker

Its amazing how siblings can be so unique. ...I have a little "list keeper" in my house. I was taking some folded laundry down the hall to the bedrooms, and when I walked in miss Lily's room -I was once again reminded how "administrative" ...she is compared to me and the boys.. I don't tend to make lists, well, as often as her.

Here is "the school list".

(Yes, I realized she spelled "schedule" incorrectly-but it was written very early in the morning.) She likes to be prepared.

I love it and I love her.

A big Little Something

Saw this verse on a poster and it jumped off the page to me.
It was a little word with a very big "punch".
Psalm 147:4
"He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names." KJV
Wow! To think He knows their names!? He knows how many??
I can't even fathom it , but I do know He loves us even more than the stars.
A very big thing indeed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

25 cent makeover

In four steps...

1. Buy soap jar at thrift store for 25 cents.

2. Remove ribbon (save for future card), label and clean jar.

4.. Put in Q tips.

Pair with another thrift store jar- the cotton balls.

Perfect match.

"Car Study" #3

I didn't realize I left my my camera in the car... someone else did...
The dash,

Passenger window,

Passenger side with sand,

Car seat that needs a good cleaning,

Upper vent and side light,

the someone who noticed,
Beautiful grubby face boy.

A picture says a thousand words...

I took a couple pictures of Sawyer going in, the first day to kindergarten.
He's hugging Carmel (teacher's aide) and his friend Brandon is standing beside her. Last year preschool teacher Meg, is right behind him.

Sitting at his desk while parents are dropping off their little ones.

Making faces at me-not liking the camera.

Lounging in his seat, a little too soon. Principal smiling, school counselor & new teacher behind him.

Not looking or smiling at me-not interested in being there-wanting to go back to his old room.

Hum- and only 12 more years to go. Oh boy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 year anniversary card

For our 15 anniversary I wanted to use this stamp set. (The traditional gift for 15 years is a clock-the modern gift a watch.) I stamped the large clock on vanilla paper then shaded it and clear embossed it. I used a texture plate for the shape in the background, and added the bronze
accent by using my Sizzix die cut.
I also reduced one of our wedding pics and used it for an accent on the card.

I cut out the hands separately and put them on the 1 and 5.

There's the wedding picture tag and another tag together-using wonderful Martha Stewart ribbon.

Once again the final card with lots of shading and layering involved. I loved it.

hall Bathroom Remodel

I'm so excited to share these pics! Our hall bath remodel is almost finished! (Still to be grouted)
First!...walk down "hall bath" lane with me..

For the past 5 years I have been living with grey and blue tile. Sorry -blurry picture.
Tile that was already here...

I tried to bring in a beach theme by painting the walls, but the colors didn't go with the rest of house -plus I'm a "neutral" kind of girl- green's, tan's, browns etc.. are colors I prefer.

The tile was bright blue too.

I added the beach pictures and starfish but it was time for a change.

Older cabinet (particle board-old medicine cabinet etc..) Standard faucet.

Now the result !! ( Please bear with me-I love details and good deals.)

First we had to take out the old to bring in the new, not the fun part!

Out with the toilet, mirror, and cabinet.

New limestone floor being installed -thanks to talented hubby.

Better, but still looks pretty ugly at this point.

Sawyer hanging with dad..while he works.

Laying out tile accents and options in Kitchen -talking about style, etc..

Tiles he had saved for five years! ( in case we could use them)

New cabinet installed-Mirror from Ross ($33!) granite remnant from previous job, sink and faucet free -from job not used/wanted )

Light Home Depot,

Hand towels Tommy Hilfiger-Ross, Coconut hand soap and lotion-Ross, Wood tray Walmart Hawaii souvenir section.. I was very happy the labels matched and the spout was silver.

Tiled Shower wall, with accents = lovely! Wood soap dish from Ms. Buettner -kid's teacher. (Brought over for us from Africa!)

Love those accents!

Beautiful marble tub surround -Brian, bathmat-Ross, wicker step stool & washcloth Ross Store.

Picture -Ross Store, Paint "Powell Bluff" Benjamin Moore paint.

The two pictures above the new toilet, both from the thrift store-before I saw the other picture at Ross. Yet they all match. Very Happy!

Close up of pictures-metal accent. Reminded me of the tile accents.

I forgo the usual shower curtain because I wanted something with texture and bought these curtain panels instead. (from Ross) I'll just sew a fabric shower curtain to the back.
Love the huge grommets.

Kind of like waves sewn in.

The Whole after picture for you!
The Before once again ...

Now the after!..

Looking in...

I can't wait- my room and master bath are next on the remodel/tile list! Thanks for looking!