Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrating our 15 years together

Instead of going out for dinner as we usually do for our anniversary, I decided to throw us a "15 year celebration" with some of our friends. I wanted to make a dessert table like some I'd seen online..(by Amy Atlas , Kate Landers, etc...)

The first 4 photos taken by my good friend April...

I bought square white dishes at Ross a few months ahead of time, and stock piled them in my cupboards. I also purchased new matching glasses only $8! I had most of the apothecary jars already, and cake pedestals. (A few are Martha Stewart cake plates and the rest from various thrift stores and garage sales.)
I purchased some white "black out " fabric and cheesecloth for the table. (The cheesecloth gave it texture.)

The day of the party I made the tissue paper balls..the instructions are on Martha Stewart's website. (Because of the humidity here I couldn't make them too early, or they would be droopy).
My backdrop was foam core, covered with some flocked wrapping paper I had bought on clearance a while back. Light weight and easy to hang.

To celebrate our years together I stamped a frame , then stamped "15" and punched out the image with a Stampin' Up punch, and then taped two tags back to back together- with a toothpick in the center. The sugar pearls were purchased at Ben Franklin, the plain cupcakes from a bakery.
(Nice, big, perfectly baked cupcakes so worth the $8 dollars, and much less stressful.)

I also stamped some tags to hang on my jars. (This one had white cheddar popcorn in it.)

I bought some strawberries and dipped them in whipped cream frosting-again much less stressful and less expensive then trying to melt the white chocolate. This white olive dish only $2.49!

I went to Safeway and purchased various "white items" The white coconut candies, yogurt pretzels, coconut cream cake, cheesecake, Boston cream cake, Good and Plenty, mochi balls,
Monterey Jack cheese,and white crackers.

Having them placed straight and orderly made them look much better and doesn't take as much food. I didn't want a ton of leftovers either. Little condiment cups hold the candy.

Donuts even look fancy! Marshmellows were covered with white frosting too, then I put lollipop sticks in them.

All in all I was pleased, and I was especially happy visiting and playing games with our friends. Brian enjoyed the evening too and liked the table and games,etc.. The kids were happy-there were leftovers for them!


livinginparadise said...

Happy 15! Your pictures look like they came out of a magazine. What great always.

McBritney said...

It looks professional! Gosh I wish we could have planned the wedding with you! you did a great job, and now I think I'm hungry lol