Monday, August 30, 2010

Out with the old....

A few months ago I was dropping off some items at the thrift store and did a quick "run through" just to see if there were any cool deals. I found a square cocktail table that looked like it would match my end tables, but it didn't have any price tag on it.
( I had been looking for a square table, although I had a rectangular coffee table that had seen better days), so I asked the manager how much it was he said $25. Oh yeah ! I paid and loaded it in my van as quickly as I could. ..and I promptly put the old one out in the garage . I'm not usually a glass kind of girl-but I like seeing the rug underneath and how it is higher than the coffee table.

I took some Murphy's Oil soap cleaned it up, and set in in the living room-and rearranged my love seats because I love to do that kind of thing!

I also snagged these candle holders. Hum, another thing I think I like to collect.

From another angle.

Any woo-

One of our kids' school teacher, who shares a house with some other teachers,

mentioned they were looking for furniture, so I offered our old table -which she graciously accepted.

Today, as I was loading it in the van, I saw the kids "signatures" on the bottom -so I took a few pics to remember their little hands laying underneath, drawing and coloring...

and I'm also glad they teachers will be able to use it, paint it, etc...

Goodbye little table.

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