Friday, March 27, 2009

Sticks & Sand & Octopuses?

We went to the beach and instead of swimming the kids played with sticks,koa nut seeds and Levi found a dead octopus-stinky!
The other kids were very interested in it-just another day at the beach.

Bend it like Beckham hairdo

Sawyers hair was getting a little long and because he gets sweaty playing outside I gave him a soccer haircut.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Third Place Owl!

OK OK First place($100) would have been Excellent-but Hey,third place, a FREE $25 to Ben Franklin-how can I complain!? Here is the link to see the other winners bags!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrific Toile!

I found this plate,and the things for my bathroom shelf at the Thrift store,for my room-LOVE it...and it made me want to make some Toile cards!Although theses are all older stamps-I still enjoy using them.
Come join the Toile party at The Pretty Organized Palace to get inspired!


I was practicing vowels with Sawyer today, and I was having him repeat each letter...
Here's how it went ...
Just like a 3 year old-they think everything is all about them!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Imagine me

Another wonderful song, is the link to the video with lyrics...

A lovely day

Brian ran with the kids to Home Depot-I went to my computer to put on music to listen to-while I clean ...and I put on Kirk Franklin's "lovely Day"
I CAN NOT help but sing and smile when I listen to it! I wanted to share the link so you can sing and smile too!

Slowly plugging away at the "W.D."

As per the previous post-today I passed up many opportunity's to eat JUNK -because I kept telling myself-"I never would have eaten that in high school "or "I don't need that,I need to get this debt off my body."
I felt sooooo goood! Slowly and surely working on it.

The Rules!

The kids have been bickering alot lately ,so I sent them to my room and said "Do not come out, until you come up with a solution to get along."
At first they were just quarreling about who would go first,and who would be the writer. Once again I stepped in, and told them that they should take turns talking,and the faster they choose a writer -the quicker they could be done.
Eventually Levi came out with a paper with their rules for each other..(copied exactly as written)

Levi's Rules
1.respect!!!!!!!(rules 2-5) punching!!! lying to mom!!! saying,"he started it"!!!
5.lots of love!

1.Play more with each other
2.Not telling each other what to do
3.Respect-obey mom,when he helps and talks-not tell him what to do
4.Standing up for each other
5.When saying something listen.

I told them good job and asked what the punishment should be if they start fighting again..
Levi said "do something nice for the person",or stay in our rooms.
Lily said "write 50 sentences-" I will be nice to my brother",or run laps.
So..I told Levi if he fights his punishment will be his, and Lily's will be hers.

Today was a much better day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digging for Worms

Lily was sitting on the couch the other day,and we were getting ready to leave for school...she wasn't listening ,so I asked her what she was doing and she said -"just drawing" So..I told her we have to leave and she handed me the picture here it is. I have to say,I love it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Weight Debt

I was trying(well,praying) about a way to motivate myself to lose the weight I've let creep on to me, over the years..We are almost debt free, and it is because I don't charge, and have chosen to forgo things I'd like to have -but don't get unless I have the money.
That is how I plan to attack my Weight Debt! I will forgo the food I "want",but do not need, in order to slowly lose each pound.I wont worry how long it takes,but concentrate on each pound lost- is closer to being "weight debt" free.
When I walk or drink my water-it will be deposited towards getting out of weight debt!
And losing a pound a week seems do-able!
Let me kow if you are getting weight debt free too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Party Invites..

I made Lily's circus invites...inspired by the Narnia tent, that came in her happy meal last are the picks...

For Levi's Bond party,I made nondescript invites that said,"Top Secret", and inside were typed red ink.


Levi picked an orange hibiscus flower outside for me-it is so huge ! I put it next to my mug -to compare..probably as big as a baby's head.

Question-Answer time

At dinner I started asking the kids questions, and I jotted down their answers...

Favorite Candy?
Lily-Jelly Beans
Levi-Watermelon Hubba Bubba
What movie would they like to rent?
Lily-SpongeBob Pest of the West
Levi-Atlantis Squarepants
Go anywhere on the Island?
Lily-water park
Levi-water park
Have a friends over and play what?
Lily-Apples to Apples,Clue & Aggravation
Levi-Shoot Airsoft guns
If they could change one thing in their life?
Lily-more sisters & a pet
Levi-have video games
Pick a restaurant?
Lily-Chinese food
Favorite thing about their school?
Lily-recess & reading
Levi-not being picked on
If they had $200 to spend?
Lily-swing set & swimming pool
Levi-More Lego's!

Poor Lily -dont think "sister" answer is happening ,and Levi will have to be an adult -to get those video games...


I'm so excited!I am going to simplify my life.Yes,in every way. Keep things that are useful and I love.Sell unneeded items.Clean out the pantry,fridge, and closets.Do things that are fun,beneficial and uplift myself, and my family.Try to only buy necessity's and see how long I can go w/ buying "just because I like it".Use the supplies I have on hand."Its hip to be square",as Huey Lewis one said. I know it will be freeing and easy to clean, go, and do as I simplify my life/stuff.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

James Bond has left the building

Whew! I'm glad the party is over. The boys loved it, but I'm glad I get to take a break from all the planning,and gathering of supplies.The Boys loved it. I had eight mini challenges for them to do...
Their first one was to get their passports.I asked Bond Trivia questions and if they answered three correctly they got a passport with all their info. I had hidden poker chips in black balloons,water balloons,black dress shoes,and they had to figure out where they were..Other ones-were to find the marked champagne glass,find which is the red pen- with all the black pens,shoot a water gun at a target,and figure out which wrist watch is Bond's.Each mission was in a white envelope in a black bag. The boys choose challenges w/o knowing what they were getting. I forgot to take pics-because I was "M", and Brian was entertaining Sawyer! I did get some after the cake and cheese/crackers were eaten. He was happy to have his friends all over and they watched an old Bond movie at the end.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome Spring!

I found some Beatrix Potter looking figures at the thrift store...I'm looking forward to decorating for Easter after the birthday parties...and I know Easter is not about rabbits in clothes-but who could resist such a sweet couple?

Bond,James Bond

Levi's party is tomorrow-He wanted a James Bond party.I made passports for the boys-I'll take their pics, and stats, then print them out before they get their mission...At first I didn't know what I'd have them do ,but now I have some game ideas and a plan.I'll post more about it -later!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My New girl..

Lily just got her glasses-she can now see clearly from across the room and said "everything is now sharp and clear!" I added additional photos because I didn't post as many on her birthday(it was Monday) and I thought she needed a proper tribute! She is so smart,creative,and lovely.She has a compassion heart,tender spirit and gentle way with little kids.Shes precise,exact and detailed. And man can she draw! A little artist!We call her our sweet Lily,Jelly Bean,Lily Bean,Lily bug and Lily pad.She brings her own mix to our family!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our "Lego King"

Levi's 11 today. Smart,funny,enthusiastic,friendly,talkative and mechanical.
His name means unity and he is very social.I love the mix he brings to our family.

The games I play...

I do mental games to motivate myself to clean the house...I pretend I'm showing my house to perspective buyers(even if I don't own it) then clean as if I'm having a walk through.
Sometimes I pretend my family is coming for a visit, and I want it all nice and pretty for them. Other times, I pretend I'm a maid and someone is paying me to make beds and do dishes! I also like to take before pictures,and after pics, to look at what I've accomplished,and to record it!so I will clean like that again. It tends to get messy very fast! I have to say,as crazy as it little "games" work for me. Now,I have to go clean up my craft room-I'm pretending my sisters are coming over to craft with me!!

Last Green Entry

Wanted to do something with a bird. Drew the bird and branch on felt,used my sizzix for the flower shapes...