Wednesday, March 18, 2009

James Bond has left the building

Whew! I'm glad the party is over. The boys loved it, but I'm glad I get to take a break from all the planning,and gathering of supplies.The Boys loved it. I had eight mini challenges for them to do...
Their first one was to get their passports.I asked Bond Trivia questions and if they answered three correctly they got a passport with all their info. I had hidden poker chips in black balloons,water balloons,black dress shoes,and they had to figure out where they were..Other ones-were to find the marked champagne glass,find which is the red pen- with all the black pens,shoot a water gun at a target,and figure out which wrist watch is Bond's.Each mission was in a white envelope in a black bag. The boys choose challenges w/o knowing what they were getting. I forgot to take pics-because I was "M", and Brian was entertaining Sawyer! I did get some after the cake and cheese/crackers were eaten. He was happy to have his friends all over and they watched an old Bond movie at the end.

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Kris said...

you are s super mom! i am so impressed! love you!!!!