Friday, March 20, 2009

Weight Debt

I was trying(well,praying) about a way to motivate myself to lose the weight I've let creep on to me, over the years..We are almost debt free, and it is because I don't charge, and have chosen to forgo things I'd like to have -but don't get unless I have the money.
That is how I plan to attack my Weight Debt! I will forgo the food I "want",but do not need, in order to slowly lose each pound.I wont worry how long it takes,but concentrate on each pound lost- is closer to being "weight debt" free.
When I walk or drink my water-it will be deposited towards getting out of weight debt!
And losing a pound a week seems do-able!
Let me kow if you are getting weight debt free too!


Anonymous said...

good for you girlie!
if you add some weights to your routine - you will burn calories when you are crafting!

Starry said...

Hi I know you can do it (even I have done it!). I lost over 30 kilos that must be over 50 pounds. One thing I used to do when I was thinking of having a 'yummy treat' was ask myself 'is this going to get me closer to my goal, or further from it?'. In that context it was easy to forego the 'wrong' things. But I do still have treats in my life, so the future is not all bleak!
xxx STarry