Thursday, March 19, 2009

Question-Answer time

At dinner I started asking the kids questions, and I jotted down their answers...

Favorite Candy?
Lily-Jelly Beans
Levi-Watermelon Hubba Bubba
What movie would they like to rent?
Lily-SpongeBob Pest of the West
Levi-Atlantis Squarepants
Go anywhere on the Island?
Lily-water park
Levi-water park
Have a friends over and play what?
Lily-Apples to Apples,Clue & Aggravation
Levi-Shoot Airsoft guns
If they could change one thing in their life?
Lily-more sisters & a pet
Levi-have video games
Pick a restaurant?
Lily-Chinese food
Favorite thing about their school?
Lily-recess & reading
Levi-not being picked on
If they had $200 to spend?
Lily-swing set & swimming pool
Levi-More Lego's!

Poor Lily -dont think "sister" answer is happening ,and Levi will have to be an adult -to get those video games...

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