Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Rules!

The kids have been bickering alot lately ,so I sent them to my room and said "Do not come out, until you come up with a solution to get along."
At first they were just quarreling about who would go first,and who would be the writer. Once again I stepped in, and told them that they should take turns talking,and the faster they choose a writer -the quicker they could be done.
Eventually Levi came out with a paper with their rules for each other..(copied exactly as written)

Levi's Rules
1.respect!!!!!!!(rules 2-5) punching!!! lying to mom!!! saying,"he started it"!!!
5.lots of love!

1.Play more with each other
2.Not telling each other what to do
3.Respect-obey mom,when he helps and talks-not tell him what to do
4.Standing up for each other
5.When saying something listen.

I told them good job and asked what the punishment should be if they start fighting again..
Levi said "do something nice for the person",or stay in our rooms.
Lily said "write 50 sentences-" I will be nice to my brother",or run laps.
So..I told Levi if he fights his punishment will be his, and Lily's will be hers.

Today was a much better day!

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Anonymous said...

haha i LOVE what they came up with and i love that you had them do that- good job mama!