Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Burlap Bulletin Board makeover

Found this large $2 frame

 Had this large old bulletin board.

Bought $2 of burlap fabric...

Took some of my living room housepaint..and painted the frame.

 while the frame was drying I cut out the bulletin board down to the size of my frame...

 all cut out-using a Pampered chef knife...

 got the glue gun...

 wrapped burlap around the frame then glued the burlap to the back of frame

Took duck tape to hold it and finish off the back

 Added eye screws and then srung wire-in order to hang the board

 the frame painted and burlap board...

 Hung it up over my desk

Used tacks to put up postcards,pictures and my clock...

bulletin board in kitchen and chalkboard

 works out great!

Big Chalkboard

Took an old large frame

 took a piece a MDF board (cut to fit frame) and painted it with three coats of chalkboard paint-waited 24 hrs to dry/cure
 put it together and hung it in my kitchen...

 Grocery list

 put my grandfathers cutting board above it..

My grandsons love writing on it

Great thing to use

May Day Table


 added Lily of the Valley..

May Day Paper Doilies Cones

 Cut wax paper circles for inside paper

 Fold in half..

 Fold end up...

 Roll into cone shape..

 Add glue to keep in place...

 Punch holes in side of cone

take string and thread through the cone...

 tie onto door knobs or on back of chairs...

 wrap wet paper towel around flowers

 slide into the cone

 All done! Cherry Blossums and azealias
 On the chairs
Lasted all day!Table complete

 Love the color