Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nancy Drew Birthday Party

For Lily's 12th birthday I decided to have a Nancy Drew Party because she loves to read and loves a good mystery. She loved the idea too.
I went online and looked over a couple other party ideas and incorporated  a few things I found and then figured out all the rest.
I started by going to used book stores and buying lots of Nancy Drew books. They were around .25 to .50 each.
 Then I gathered my wood boxes, brass candle sticks, antique bottles, and Brian's vintage magnifying glass for the centerpiece/games.

I also found some preppy houndstooth bags and a hat at the thrift store, and an red fountain pen at the antique store.

The hardest thing to find/do for the party was getting/making sleuth bags for the girls! I was surprised to find out there were never any bags to purchase after the movie was released.

I went to 3 different Walmart's to buy tan messenger bags, then I went and purchased the detective items needed for the party. I tried to get things that were in her sleuth bag from the movie.

 I couldn't find larger tins for their "lemon bars" but I did find some tins in the wedding section at the craft store.

Here's things from the inside pockets. Finger print powder, a whistle for emergencies, new headbands, lemon bar and tin, paperclips, tape, flashlight and magnifying glass.

This is from the inside and outer pockets. A clue book, new pen and some bags to collect evidence.
I looked at the clue book from the movie, and then used my Sizzix die to cut out the zig-zag felt. I used an older stamp set to print "clues".

Gum for fresh breath, band aids and tissues.

Various boxes for hiding evidence.

 The first clue-a letter with a will....

Clues hidden in old match boxes, the fountain pen, in a book.

One of the games before they got their sleuth badges..
"Observation" Game- look at the tray for 1 minute, then take the tray away and see how many items they could remember and list.

Another game-take a string and tie a paperclip, and try to hook the book clip that was on a file, to pick up the evidence.

Sleuth badge- I "Mod-Podged" this onto a luggage tag.

Few gifts I got her- the Nancy Drew Handbook.

Nancy Drew fold and mail stationary. front...

This was a prize ring I got for $3 at the thrift store. Sorry pic is turned sideways.

She said she thought it was the best party ever! The girls loves their bags and they spent the last part of the party reading the handbook.