Thursday, September 24, 2009

My new "Motivational" Trick

I don't really like the word "trick", I just wasn't sure what to call it. I've been letting the kids stay up 1/2 hour later at night -only if they are reading a book. I wanted them to be doing something that they could discuss, and something they really did-rather than watch a book -in a movie, or a fake accomplishment on a computer screen. I took them to Borders, and let them pick a brand new,not from a yard sale, or thrift store-book! It smelled so nice in the bookstore-fresh paper! They have been zipping through their books, and are reading some I had purchased before our new activity.(that's a better word than trick I suppose, "activity")
Its been quiet in the evenings, and wonderful to walk into the living room, and see them sitting on the love seats - reading their books!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Card Class

Two cards from my last class

1st set "Friends 24-7"

2nd set "Simply Said"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Morning walk

I'm trying to get back into my daily walking habit..I love to walk the 3 mile loop around Enchanted Lake. Today was overcast, and not as hot or humid as usual, and I kept admiring all the different flowers I passed, ( I will have to take pics sometime!) I did grab a Plumeria off the sidewalk, and held it - just so I could smell the fragrance! It was so neat today, I passed a grandfather with his grandson in a stroller, a preschool that had two big firetrucks, and firemen outside talking to 30 little kiddo's about their work, and the lake with a mother duck, and 9 little ducklings huddled around her. It was just like a mini field trip-so cute!

A lovely way to end my evening

The beautiful quiet sound of my dishwasher, working hard, and washing me for me, while I peacefully sleep! Although I am tired, and want to jump right in bed, I've been taking time to load and start the dishwasher in the evenings. I love waking up to a clean, empty sink and sparkling dishes! This little "guy" is as important as the "couple" in my laundry room! After hand washing for 3 years in Oregon, and the 4 months here - I'm very thankful for the people who build appliances, the hubby who installed it, and the ease it adds to my daily life.
Ps It must be "blessed" by God as well...notice the cross shape in the photo?

"You could call it-his hidden talent..."

...that's what Levi said when I told him I'll have to tell everyone he made "dinner" last night. Yes, I was cleaning, and Brian was mowing, and Levi asked if he could cook Top Ramen. When he said "Dinner's ready", we were all pleasantly surprised. He had cooked the noodles in a big pan on the stove top, (I usually microwave it , and he had added spinach leaves, and then cooked Spam in a skillet! I forgot I had bought some Spam for them a while back...

Lily had set the table for him, and had gotten the "cook" some water while he was working. They were just so proud, and we were impressed with his creativity. Lily told him ,"Wow Levi, I always knew you could build things, I didn't know you had this hidden talent!". So cute. He said it reminds him of science and experimenting. He can "experiment" whenever he wants!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and...

... almost 12 months!! I can't believe it! Where does the time go??? I so wish I lived closer to this little guy! This is one of the shots taken, for his birthday postcards. There's were a lot of cute ones to choose from-(I'll be showing his fabulous hat, and close up on October 4Th. The day he officially becomes "1 year" and not " * months".)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Batman cleans his truck 7am

Yes, he now drives a white Ford truck.

Dinner for 4

On my way to Safeway to get garbage bags,I stopped by a yard sale around noon. There wasn't much left, but I spotted a very dusty rattan table sitting in the front yard. I asked if it was for sale, and the guy said, "Yes,$25". I only had a twenty on me, so I offered that-and he said yes! I knew I didn't want to keep the base, but I loaded it up, and had Levi help me carry it outside to the lanai,(to which he said, "This is when it'd be good have Garrett home, he could lift it". I told him "That's how Garrett got so strong-he helped me lift things when he was 11!)
I set the new, larger glass round on my cafe table, and immediately lit a candle and put out place mats. Tonight -we dine outside!

New Glass round...

Old Glass round...

Getting rid of round...
It'd look much better with a coat of paint!

Aw-now only if I had a chef!

I hope I'm like her!

My Grandma Cook (who will be 90 in December!) is so cool! At the state fair in Oregon-she went on her first helicopter ride!!! I have zero desire to do something like that! She's fun and active and loving. I want to grow up and be just like her! You'd love her too!

Good Morning Saturday!

If you're looking around at dishes in the sink or toys all over the living room floor and need a "visual eye drop"-Here's some more pictures from the nursery we visited on our anniversary.

Isn't that gardenia just divine? So pure and white and the fragrance-wedding day all over again.

I could have snapped pictures of every flower blossom-there were so many beautiful ones.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not so fast Buckwheat!

Remember the MOUNTAIN of laundry "scaled" only by Sawyer!?
Ummm see embarrassing pic...

Well no longer!!
I timed myself to see just how long it took to fold, hang,(then iron everything)and put it away..OVER 2 HOURS! Yikes! Not fast and not fun. However, it did serve a great purpose, I am now trying to fold loads IMMEDIATELY after coming out of the dryer,or hang stuff up - pronto! I wouldn't wish a two hour "laundry lesson" on anyone.By the way - folding one load of clothes takes less than 5 minutes! Yep, that's right, I timed that too.
(Feel free to click on the pic-check out my .50, white,garage sale pineapple on my nightstand.Score!)

Fresh Coconut anyone?

Levi went outside today, and checked the area where the tree trimming guys had worked,(yes, the ones from my "lovely" powder day-a previous post)He found a coconut that had been left behind in the shrubs, and after a few minutes -opened it up, then poured the milk in a glass.(to strain it, he put a dishcloth over another glass,then poured it into that one.) Ever since he saw a demonstration at a local,small Hawaiian show -he's all into cracking open his own coconuts. (having a hammer helps)
Maybe he'll be on Survivor one day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Batman's Other Vehicle

Sawyer wanted to play outside,and then wanted to get in the car.I thought he had forgotten something in the van, so I let him in. He quickly proceeded to get in the front seat,started singing his version of the Batman song, and asked me for the keys.
Hum,yeah,I don't think Batman drove a 2003 Ford Windstar.

I'll take door #1...

Remember the game show where they picked a prize behind a certain door? (Lets make a Deal)Well, here is my "deal"...(Racing around cleaning right before dinner time)
In order to get this...

Plus this...

You get this!

Surprise! One mountain of unfolded laundry! Today Sawyer was climbing on it -going "TA DA!" Who knew, his very own mountain, in his own home! OK, so I know I have to fold it, and now iron most of it..guess that's what I deserve for putting it off and off and off.I think I'll time myself and see how long it takes to finish.
How bout you? Do you do this too?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A picture says a thousand words..

Lovely hard working little pair-I am reminded daily why I am glad I was never a pioneer women.


Here are this week's cards,
This stamp set is actually a Stampin' Up! wheel called "Bright Blessings"

This set is called "Crazy for cupcakes" This paper (Curry) and layout were taken from the current catalog. I normally go for greens,tans,and browns and almost never use yellow, so I thought I'd try and "branch" out.

Although I don't "celebrate" Halloween, last year I wanted to make something to give to teachers and friends.
I used an empty Starbucks bottle for the candy holder, and the shoe pattern I found online, then added the flower and button.
The stamp set is an older one, called "Sweeter Treaters"

Nothing fancy,just some things

Thought I'd show some items I have around my house, that make me smile. My friend April painted this sign, and I bought the two cute starfish at a store here in Kailua . I'm going to drill a little hole in the back so I can hang it up.

Rose Tradition Neat!

While at a thrift store today, a friend who was in there too-gave me a rose.She said a local florist was giving away a dozen roses for free, on the condition that you keep one for yourself and give away the other 11 roses. I went to the florist, picked up my 12 roses, and gave some to Sawyers teachers. I'll take the rest to the older kids' teachers this afternoon.It's been very fun to see these hard working teachers smile!(Vase from thrift store)

Little Church thrift shop-Big time fun

There's a little church thrift store, open one day a week, for four hours, that I like to go to. Last week I saw a vase, and some candlesticks I liked, but didn't get.I kept thinking about them during the week, and decided to go back and see if they were still there. They were! I also found a Hot Wheel box with the cars for Sawyer.I'm so excited to use the candlesticks at Christmas time!(vase is in previous post)

And the sweetest one in the case... a 1969 pink "Beach Bomb". It's funny to think 40 years ago someone bought this and now my son is playing with it in Hawaii!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MOPS,stamp class and cleaning...

Last week, I decided to my put family's needs,and home responsibilities first.This time before my Tuesday night stamp class, and my wants,I came home from MOPS,cleaned each room for 15 Min's,made some calls for my hubby,and got dinner started.I picked up the kids from school,then I went out to my crafty space,started cleaning it,cut out card stock, and was cleaning up my table, when my first friend arrived.(Normally I'd have come home from MOPS, go right out to my craft space,cut out card stock,clean it up then come inside, race around,become Sargent major to my kids, and order them around to get moving ,and feel awful afterwards.)
I was thinking of the verses "She looks well to the ways of her household" and "Seek Ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you".I know my family wont care about the cards I made if there isn't any dinner,clean clothes, and I'm crazy, stressed about the messy house. It felt great because the evening was MUCH more peaceful and I still accomplished what I needed to get down...

Monday, September 14, 2009

One order of Humble pie please!

I wasn't sure if I should title this post "Consequences of Laziness","What a bad example" or just plain "Embarrassing!"
After I dropped off the kids at school,I came home with Sawyer (who wasn't in school today),and started a Disney movie for him,while I loaded the dishwasher. Sounds good? Right? I decided to check my emails,blog favorites,etc...and while I was reading I could hear his movie playing...Eventually he said,"All done" ,so I went out to turn it off, and lo & behold there was baby powder on EVERYTHING-the love seats,pillows,tables,plants,pics,etc...He had been going TO TOWN with the powder I had left on the end table.(LAZY ME didn't put it away this morning...)
I sent him to his room, while I started to clean it up,vacuuming and what not,then remembered Whitney H. was supposed to be on Oprah today,and I wondered if it was posted on YouTube. I left the living room to search for it,found it,and pleasantly started to watch it! Leaving the mess where it lay. After an hour or so,I heard a knock at the front door, and there were two,young,surfer-looking, Tree Trimming guys,reminding me they were there to cut the coconut trees in the back yard.(Brian had told me at 5:45am this morning that the tree guys would be coming by sometime today) I was SO embarrassed-I hadn't showered,no makeup,wearing an old tank top and ugly shorts,powder all over me and behind me my huge messy house!
I have WINDOWS THE WHOLE WAY AROUND my backyard where they were working. I kept thinking "Oh,poor Brian! I've been on the computer ALL Morning.and the house is a mess, and I look (and now feel) AWFUL! They're probably thinking-that's his wife?"
While Sawyer watched them work through the window,I raced into my bedroom/bath-took a quick shower,put on makeup and got dressed. By the time I was done,they were loading up there tools and palm fronds,and then they left.Didn't even come to the door to give me the invoice! Didn't even get to "redeem" myself!
So...even though I got back on the computer to write this episode of my life-I had to redeem my situation by saying the moral of this story is, "Time to get off your computers,go do what you are putting off,and get dressed!" You"ll be glad you did!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have to show him off!

A picture of Ryan- 10 months-I love this little guy!

Peaceful quiet Sunday

Do those three words even belong in the same sentence? That was today's goal-Brian has been trying to take each child on Sunday (one on one time) to do something they enjoy, while giving me a chance to catch up on whatever, on Sundays. Levi picked the shooting range for his Sunday afternoon outing, Lily picked Foster Botanical Garden last week, and today Sawyer picked the park with slides. I thought I'd have a nice crafting day -but, Lily asked a friend over, and two other neighborhood kids stopped by and asked to play ...Levi also had a friend from church over, and a couple neighborhood boys came by, and wanted to play outside with them.(4 in backyard,4 at table)
None of them were misbehaving-but the quiet,peaceful day? Not so much. I am glad they like having friends over and that their friends are comfortable about hanging out here as well.

Meanwhile, I worked on washing all the clothes I didn't tackle this week because my dryer had gone out. Brian put the new washer/dryer set in for me yesterday evening,'s the mountain I have yet to fold!

For those who know me-this is why I'm a night owl! Quiet and peaceful after 8pm!

Future Illustrator

Lily likes to draw -ALOT. She's always handing me pictures, and I always think "Wow how good!" (Yes,I may be a bit biased!) I bought a book about Mary Emmerling at the thrift store, and in it were pics she drew as a little girl. Lily reminds me of her-she likes to draw animals,people and scenes..this pic is an older one, that was hanging in her room-I love the girl's expression,don't you?

Click on picture to see it better...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here are some cards from my last few classes..(using buttons alot lately!)
Although the weather doesn't really change much here, I'm still anticipating making Thanksgiving and Christmas cards! Enjoy!(click on pic to see details)
First stamp set "Thoughts and Prayers"

Older set "Sweet Seasons"

"Sock Monkey" Set
"Trendy Trees"
and my newest fall set "Autumn Splendor"
I love the Stampin' Up paper used with this card!