Saturday, September 12, 2009

All systems up and running Captain!

I'm still here! My computer wasn't available -it had a nasty infection-( the computer doctor fixed it for $200!) I'm glad to have it back again, and it is so much faster!!

On August 19Th we celebrated our 14Th wedding anniversary! Instead of an evening date -we decided to play "tourist",and we went on a daytime date this year. We drove all around the island, and stopped at various places-wherever, and whenever we wanted! I forgot I had the camera with me-but I did get a few shots from the nursery Brian wanted to check out. The first picture is the "backdrop" walking around the nursery-and behind me was the ocean-so beautiful! I even learned a few facts-did you know Ti leaf plants have different names? (kind of like roses??) We bought a couple too...Volcano, Bangkok Gold & Will’s I Gold.

There were a ton of different Lily Pad flowers,palm trees,etc.. I ended up enjoying myself and taking lots of flower pics! The fragrance at a nursery was marvelous too! Oh the gardenias! We ate lunch at the North shore,later I bought two new sets of earrings and that evening we saw the movie "Julie and Julia".(I picked the movie-and it actually made me want to try a recipe and cook!) The day flew by and it was wonderful to converse, relax, and enjoy our anniversary date.

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At Home with the Hill's said...

Hi Val. Happy Anniversary! Your pics are gorgeous! You should be receiving some mail from Griffin and I this week. =) Thanks for keeping your blog updated, I really enjoy seeing your life in Hawaii. Chat with you later.