Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dinner for 4

On my way to Safeway to get garbage bags,I stopped by a yard sale around noon. There wasn't much left, but I spotted a very dusty rattan table sitting in the front yard. I asked if it was for sale, and the guy said, "Yes,$25". I only had a twenty on me, so I offered that-and he said yes! I knew I didn't want to keep the base, but I loaded it up, and had Levi help me carry it outside to the lanai,(to which he said, "This is when it'd be good have Garrett home, he could lift it". I told him "That's how Garrett got so strong-he helped me lift things when he was 11!)
I set the new, larger glass round on my cafe table, and immediately lit a candle and put out place mats. Tonight -we dine outside!

New Glass round...

Old Glass round...

Getting rid of round...
It'd look much better with a coat of paint!

Aw-now only if I had a chef!

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