Monday, September 14, 2009

One order of Humble pie please!

I wasn't sure if I should title this post "Consequences of Laziness","What a bad example" or just plain "Embarrassing!"
After I dropped off the kids at school,I came home with Sawyer (who wasn't in school today),and started a Disney movie for him,while I loaded the dishwasher. Sounds good? Right? I decided to check my emails,blog favorites,etc...and while I was reading I could hear his movie playing...Eventually he said,"All done" ,so I went out to turn it off, and lo & behold there was baby powder on EVERYTHING-the love seats,pillows,tables,plants,pics,etc...He had been going TO TOWN with the powder I had left on the end table.(LAZY ME didn't put it away this morning...)
I sent him to his room, while I started to clean it up,vacuuming and what not,then remembered Whitney H. was supposed to be on Oprah today,and I wondered if it was posted on YouTube. I left the living room to search for it,found it,and pleasantly started to watch it! Leaving the mess where it lay. After an hour or so,I heard a knock at the front door, and there were two,young,surfer-looking, Tree Trimming guys,reminding me they were there to cut the coconut trees in the back yard.(Brian had told me at 5:45am this morning that the tree guys would be coming by sometime today) I was SO embarrassed-I hadn't showered,no makeup,wearing an old tank top and ugly shorts,powder all over me and behind me my huge messy house!
I have WINDOWS THE WHOLE WAY AROUND my backyard where they were working. I kept thinking "Oh,poor Brian! I've been on the computer ALL Morning.and the house is a mess, and I look (and now feel) AWFUL! They're probably thinking-that's his wife?"
While Sawyer watched them work through the window,I raced into my bedroom/bath-took a quick shower,put on makeup and got dressed. By the time I was done,they were loading up there tools and palm fronds,and then they left.Didn't even come to the door to give me the invoice! Didn't even get to "redeem" myself!
So...even though I got back on the computer to write this episode of my life-I had to redeem my situation by saying the moral of this story is, "Time to get off your computers,go do what you are putting off,and get dressed!" You"ll be glad you did!

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