Monday, September 21, 2009

"You could call it-his hidden talent..."

...that's what Levi said when I told him I'll have to tell everyone he made "dinner" last night. Yes, I was cleaning, and Brian was mowing, and Levi asked if he could cook Top Ramen. When he said "Dinner's ready", we were all pleasantly surprised. He had cooked the noodles in a big pan on the stove top, (I usually microwave it , and he had added spinach leaves, and then cooked Spam in a skillet! I forgot I had bought some Spam for them a while back...

Lily had set the table for him, and had gotten the "cook" some water while he was working. They were just so proud, and we were impressed with his creativity. Lily told him ,"Wow Levi, I always knew you could build things, I didn't know you had this hidden talent!". So cute. He said it reminds him of science and experimenting. He can "experiment" whenever he wants!!

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livinginparadise said...

I love that you're back to blogging...and what a great talent for a young man to have...was it good? :o)