Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm so excited!I am going to simplify my life.Yes,in every way. Keep things that are useful and I love.Sell unneeded items.Clean out the pantry,fridge, and closets.Do things that are fun,beneficial and uplift myself, and my family.Try to only buy necessity's and see how long I can go w/ buying "just because I like it".Use the supplies I have on hand."Its hip to be square",as Huey Lewis one said. I know it will be freeing and easy to clean, go, and do as I simplify my life/stuff.

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Starry said...

you are so totally right, I am working my way through the book Simple Abundance, it is outstanding, you will be able to craft a lot more efficiently when you have simple order in your life and make the most of everything that crosses your path,
best wishes, Starry