Friday, November 20, 2009

There's a squirrel in the house

OK, Can I just say I love being home?! Because this is what I get to do, instead of listening to a boss - I get to play in my craft room and make glitter squirrels! Such a necessity..

I saw a smaller 4" squirrel ornament online and loved it. I found a silhouette of a squirrel, and printed it off onto white paper, however it was a bit too small for me.

So I enlarged the photo again, cut it out of the paper,

then traced it onto chipboard, and cut it out again.

Next I painted the chipboard brown, then after it dried, I coated it with glue and Martha Stewart bronze glitter.

My friend was getting rid of a wreath with artificial flowers/leaves, so I reused it by taking everything off and saving the twig wreath. I tied the squirrel to the wreath with some bronze ribbon and hung it on my hutch.

I now like the wreath, and now it is mine.
Happy Fall!

P.S. There are no squirrels in Hawaii!

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