Monday, November 23, 2009

Recycling fringe...

I think if cans, wood, and plastic can be reused-recycled to make new items, then all beautiful fringe should be reused as well!
That said- this is exactly what I did last night. My pillows on the love seats were old, worn, torn and faded. I hated them. I did however, love the fringe that was around the edges of our pillows.

A couple months age my hubby brought home a bolt of leftover fabric, from a job. It was outdoor fabric -so I never gave it much thought and stuck it in the garage.

This weekend when we were pulling out Christmas decor boxes, I saw it and looked at the colors in the fabric, and the stripes, and thought that it would go perfectly fine in my living room! So I removed the fringe on all my old pillows...

and at 9 pm last night, after I had cut out the fabric, I sewed until midnight and made it my goal to finish them before bed.

This morning I admired my new indoor/outdoor pillows. I like the fabric because it will resist the kids finger prints and hold up real well.


Starry said...


after my own heart, good to see you are so rescourceful and green.

ps, lovely job!

livinginparadise said...

I like it! It looks like a brand new couch!

McBritney said...

I really like it! :]