Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beach Inspired Table

I found some light blue glass candle sticks at the thrift store that inspired me to set my outdoor table in beach/coast theme. Plus my son keeps bringing home bits of driftwood and adding to my jar collection.

I started with my old linen table cloth.

Put bamboo runner in center, to cover the worn spot.

Added 4 round woven place mats. (purchased from the thrift store)
My natural colored plates-also from ...yes, the thrift store.
Cloth napkins-clearance Walmart. I made the napkin rings (will show that on next post)
Added candle (container from Ross ) and small Pottery Barn votives (from the thrift store)
River rocks from Ben Franklin Craft Store.

Starfish from a local store here- I bought them one at a time, $3.00 each.

My glass floats are from Oregon. I was raised on the coast and would go out with my dad very early in the morning and look for them -now the floats are made of plastic- these are very special to me. 

My glasses I found -thrift store-I love the pale blue green color.

Candles, driftwood and flatware added-all done!

We ate outside -very enjoyable evening. The family loved it.

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stacie k. said...

beautiful! you are so creative and have such a great eye for design! who's wedding rehearsal dinner did you host?