Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye Green

Sorry for the blurry photo-I didn't have very many because I couldn't stand the color of her room, too dinosaur green for me. (Slight miscommunication when Mr.B was at the paint store..) and this pic doesn't truly capture the ominous "green glow" that came from the room...

Anyways, after living with this color for a year and still not loving it, I asked Lily to go through the paint chips and pick a color she liked...
This is it "Pink Cherub" Benjamin Moore.

I was going to take down her stuffed animals off the shelves to start painting, but realized I also hated the stapled valance,that was dusty/dirty and here when we moved in, and the fact that it couldn't be washed.

Everything came out of the room and I took the curtains apart to resew them
(Hey, am I going Green?)

I also had her edit her animals and she decided to get rid of three bags worth of toys for her school Fun Fair. Let me tell you-that was a BIG accomplishment! She knows where each animal came from and each attached memory.

Mr. B bought new longer shelves and new wood brackets and knobs. I set to priming and painting them at 10 pm! Oh yes, I'm a night owl...plus its uninterrupted time.

Here are the new shelves and brackets without the knobs and curtains. Plus a nice soothing pink color on her walls.

I then added her curtains and she helped me put up all her animals on her shelves.

I still have to put up some white sheers-just haven't found the right length, but here it is last night, before bedtime.

She was a very happy camper and made her bed first thing this morning! I think even her fish looked happier and was smiling. Now to find the perfect rug...

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McBritney said...

Oh Val! Great job! I love it all!!! Can't wait to visit!