Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweeping away piles

Sweeping piles of leaves.
Why you ask?, well maybe you don't ask, but I'll still tell you!
I've been reading the book "Love and Respect" by Emmerson Eggerich, and the importance of showing/giving respect to our spouses, etc..
I know the little things that say "I love you" to me- (doing laundry, putting the kids in bed, putting gas in the van, etc...) and as I was taking out the garbage yesterday, I noticed all the old leaves on the driveway -right where Mr. B parks.
I decided to go get the big (like a school janitors) broom, and sweep up the driveway. Great for burning calories I tell ya.
Well, it was dark when Mr. B came home, so he didn't notice, and of course I had to tell him what I did, but he did say IF he had seen it, he would have really liked it!
I wanted to pick them up, because I knew he likes coming home, seeing me & the kiddos, and appreciates order (not chaos) in the driveway (IE..bikes,toys, trash, shoes, etc)
So today, I swept them up again, although it may be (will be) dark by 6pm, out of respect for his long work days, and commitment to provide for us.

It is a small thing,

it's an easy thing,

it's a respect thing,

and a swept driveway?

yes, it is a love thing.

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