Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simple Purchases...

I went to bed-then got right back up to write this little post...
all because of Vanilla/lavender dryer sheets! As I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking about the "worries of tomorrow". I laid down and went to pray-then smelled the wonderful,clean vanilla pillow case! I actually thought "Yum,I love clean sheets-thank you God for little dryer sheets and for my washer and dryer-working away all day!" I immediately thought about the other little,simple purchases in my life that bring me happiness.Not big purchases,but splurges that make me smile.

1.Maple Syrup-the REAL stuff-sweet,pure,nothing like it!
2.Dawn Lemon scented dish soap-cleans squeaky clean!Love that smell.
3.Real cheddar cheese-no artificial anything.
4.Hot coffee in the morning-made-waiting for me,BY my lovely husband.
5.KLOVE online-FREE happy music on my computer
6.Email-devotionals,family,friends,pictures,-instant connection!
7.Thrift stores-the hunt,the prices,the find!
8.DVDs-whenever we want to watch! I can remember NO TV/cable & having to pay for a movie-when I was a wee child.
9.Stamping-so fun,relaxing and satisfying!
10.McDonald's side salads-$1.00!Lettuce,tomatoes,carrots,croutons and dressing!YUM!
11.Magazine subscriptions -open that mailbox-Yee Haw!
There are of course simple pleasures that don't cost a thing(kisses from my hubby,hugs from my kids,laughter around the table,singing in church)
but I was thinking about the inexpensive kind of purchases.(My husband would question #9!) How bout you? As for me-I'm going to go relax and sleep on my sweet smelling pillowcase!

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