Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cleaning for Company!

I'm always motivated to do extra cleaning,well any cleaning,when I know we have someone coming to visit! I like to put flowers around the house,wash comforters and bed skirts, and do all those little things(like take the huge pile of magazines to the library)that should have been done earlier. My oldest daughter is flying over for a week and all of us will be excited to pick her up, and have her here.I could have picked up stuff Sunday-but didn't,so Monday was a full cleaning day,and just to PROVE how messy it was...

Here are the pic's after we all went room by room cleaning.I made a list of things to do-and the kids marked off the rooms as we completed them.

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set free photography said...

well, that feels good! ahhh I do love a freshly clean house! lol