Monday, March 21, 2011

A Bag for Phinn

My nephew's little boy is turning one soon.
I wanted to give him a useful gift, but something personal as well, so I decided on a canvas bag-with a felt applique. I choose an owl because I had sewn one on my Ben Franklin shopping bag last year-and had all the felt to make another. Plus they're cute.
I used 70's retro colors for this look.
First drew out the owl on computer paper...

I free hand cut everything..not perfect but works.

tan felt for the body

Orange felt for the chest...

Brown felt circles for the eyes..

Sizzix die used for the flower shapes...

Free hand cut outs for the letters...
wanted them to look like a school font.

All the letters cut out.

Sewn pieces together...

then everything sewn onto bag ...!

(Branch added so the owl would have a place to perch)

What's in the bag?....

Something to wear-2 shirts (monkeys & Little Brother)

Something to hold-Stuffed Jaguar

Something to read- Fred and Ted Book
Something to roll-wood truck

Something to touch-farm puzzle

Something to carry.

All sewed on-so not perfectly!

The end.

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