Thursday, December 11, 2008

Box Frustration!

..Two days ago I went to get a square flat rate box to ship a few items off to Nebraska,but my Post office was out of that size,so I grabbed a few of the flatter Flat rate boxes.This size did not work for the items I was shipping,so I went to a different P.O. and grabbed some of their boxes by their counter(crazy busy in there)When I came home I realized I had grabbed Large flat rate today after the rain calmed down I went back my PO, and saw they had gotten in square shaped flat rate boxes,however, once again, when I got home I see these are only for APO addresses.!!URGGG!!!! I think I wont be shipping anything until I'm ready once again to brave the parking lot,the rain,the crowds and have absolutely zero children with me.

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megan said...

no no
they arent ONLY for APO's they are ALSO for APO's... i just sent one today- its $12 something to the mainland and $10 somethin to APO's.. and you'd be surprised how much stuff you can fit in that box!