Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Tree Family

I thought I'd post the trees from each room...Cookie cutters & candy canes -kitchen,small white tree-kids bath, homemade ornaments-my room,Pink tree-Lily's,Bright cars & airplanes-Levi & Sawyer's,All glass tree-living room,white snowballs & snowflakes-dining room.Each tree different, yet similar-just like a family!


livinginparadise said...

I'm glad you put a picture of your trees on your blog. I've always wanted to see them all ever since you told me about them. How fun...a lot of work I'm sure but really a great idea.

Clare said...

I love all your trees, especially each with a different theme. You definitely get into the Christmas spirit! I wish I had that many trees to decorate :)