Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stress be gone!

Pictures Of Stress..

Because we've been remodeling the kitchen, and I had company (E) I hadn't been in the garage much. I had stamp class and it was the motivation to start cleaning my room..
At 8am I went out and slowly started on just my tables-making piles of trash,put away,& get rid of stuff.Then I tackled the toys,bikes and kids stuff ,then Brian's tools and supplies.By 1pm I was done and could start cutting card stock.I felt so much better last night.I cant believe I got it done-and how many times I procrastinate-instead of working a little bit at a time. If I work on each room for 15 Min's I can get alot of it cleaned...and as the "Fly lady" (online) says "Imperfect cleaning still blesses your family".I definitely feel blessed to have my craft space and garage clean.
Pictures of Stress-gone!

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McBritney said...

wow huge difference!!!! good job!!!!!