Thursday, July 23, 2009

Biggest lunch in the World!

This is what Sawyer tried to pack in his Scooby Doo Lunch Box! All individually wrapped in Ziplock lunch bags!!!
1.Pretend chocolate cone shovel
3.old garage door opener
4.DK little rain forest book plastic knife
6.Batman wings Spatula
8.Pretend vanilla cone
9.Speed racer car
10.pretend chocolate milk
11.tin bowl
12.Another pretend cone! bouncy ball
14.Guitar Hero cereal toy
15.pretend slice of cheese
16.Batman weapon plastic knife plastic spoon plastic fork
20.yellow Linkin' Logs flag
21.half of a fake carrot
and finally!
22.Spy Gear lock
Im pretty sure he'll be hungry!

1 comment:

McBritney said...

hahahaha that's so cute!!!