Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sawyers Surprize.

I sent Sawyer into the bathroom to wash and get ready for bedtime-he came running out and said,"Come Mom,come" and I followed him into the bath room,where he preceded to throw up his hands and said loudly,"Prize!Prize" (surprise,surprise),quite proud of his decorations. My first thought was "woo-look at how much toilet paper you just wasted!" But then I realized he was trying to hang it up and say surprise like a birthday party-with crepe paper. I think, he thought, it was like the same material?Anyways I told him-this is different paper -only used in the bathroom. I took some pics to remember his "creativity" then we cleaned it up.Who knew birthday in a bathroom?
(Sawyer has chocolate on his nose)


livinginparadise said...

Jude usually tells me to 'come here' but instead he has to show me his poop in the toilet and what shape it is (ah, boys)....toilet paper decorating is way cuter. :o)

Kristina said...

you're such a cool mom!