Friday, March 19, 2010

Jump in and Blog!

I am so far behind on all the "going on's" in my life! I figured I might as well just jump in and post a few photos...
Sawyer helped pick up coconuts in the back yard..wanted me to open them. That is Levi's job! too hard for mom.

Levi is the Bug Whisperer..

Praying Mantis, very big moths, you name it-he'll carefully pick it up and release it back into the jungle!

As I write there is a very big crawfish in a bowl-he's taking it to school tomorrow...

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lisa said...

I am terrified of bugs and I have 3 boys..go figure. My husband jokes about bringing in snakes into his house and keeping them in a shoe box under his bed in his room and his mom had no idea. I hate when he tells that story because it almost feels like he's setting me up with the boys. Giving them crazy ideas.
Anywhoo, more power too you. Your son is adorable. I could only look at the pix with him holding the coconuts. I couldn't even look at the

Best wishes