Monday, April 5, 2010

Setting my Easter Table & filling the baskets...

I took tons of photos to post on my blog-this one is all about my table. I spend way more time on decorating then I do thinking about the food we'll eat!

Step 1. Clear away Lego boxes and laundry.

Step 2. Place tablecloth and garage sale find table runner on table..(use white fabric if table cloth is not available)

Step 3. Place last year's, thrift store rabbits and grocery store $1.99 a bunch daffodils on center of table.

Step 4.Place place mats, Fiesta ware dishes, and flower plates on table. (these plates were from Safeway and were much less then the Pier Import plates I wanted and had looked at last year)

Step 5. Add flatware,water pitcher,egg cup holders, and hard boiled eggs.

Step 6. Add candy and chocolate bunny's in bowl.

Step 7. Add a couple marshmallow bunnies too!

Step 8. Get baskets and grass ready.

Step 9. Fill baskets with children's little presents.




Step 10. Take final pic and hide baskets!
The end.

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