Monday, April 5, 2010

Lily's Valentine Cards

Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center and Long's Drug store had a kid's Valentine Card Contest, with a possibility to win a $50 certificate.
Lily created 3 entries.

Her first card - she drew 2 ice cream scoops, bananas and toppings ,and them cut out of colored paper and wrote her own tag line..."I melt for you".

For her second card, she drew the hive and bees and wrote "We're meant to bee"

For her third and final entry she drew two cupcakes on decorative paper, then cut them out and wrote " You're my Sweetie Pie"

I was very surprised she didn't place in the top three-but, because she is a winner to me-I bought her a new set of dry erase markers she had been wanting.

One day, I think I'll see her cards in a Hallmark section!

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