Friday, April 9, 2010

I might have a bit of a bowl addiction...

I went by the thrift store after my walk today -just in case anything great was brought in, and I found something..a few bowls!

I snapped them up knowing I would use the smaller ones for the plants in my room...USA on the bottom -LOVE IT !
...the others I purchased, well I wasn't so sure what I'd do with them but hey, they're so cool, I "had" to get them as well.(right?) The pour spout ?... cute!

When I went to put them away in the kitchen, I realized I may have a bit of an obsession with bowls. I took some pictures to show how wonderful different bowls can be. (justifying my purchase of course)
There are my vintage bowls on top of my hutch...

Retro bowls, love the bright colors!

English Mason Cash bowls from my husband...( thinking Ill learn to love to cook) sorry, babe I love to decorate the table!

Stainless steel mixing bowls,

Martha Stewart bowls (kids cant break them)

Green, Home Design bowls (on top of my fridge),

and my $1 garage sale wood dough bowl (on my dining table).

I actually just realized I have more vintage bowls up in the cupboard as I was writing this!

Oh No!
I will try to see how long I can give up purchasing any more bowls.

Now... about my vintage/retro glass obsession...


At Home with the Hill's said...

LOVE IT!!! I love your love for bowls! I also have the exact same set of Martha Stewart bowls from Macy's. Spent my Christmas money on them last year. p.s. they don't fair well in the microwave... I also dropped into a thrift store today but no luck this time. Thanks for being so faithful about updating your blog!

livinginparadise said...

I love bowls too...I just don't have any storage for them so I always refrain. But I would love to have your collection.