Monday, April 5, 2010

Nerf Gun Party

For Levi's 12Th birthday he wanted a Nerf battle with all his friends, so I had a Nerf themed birthday party, done very inexpensively I might add.
(I sent out Nerf themed invites asking the boys to bring their guns)

I used the Nerf "colors" of yellow, orange and black. I put up orange crepe paper, had orange tablecloths, yellow cups and black plastic forks & spoons... I took all his Nerf boxes and cut out the logos and pictures and put them all around the dining room. I also used the smaller logos from the Nerf boxes and stapled them onto the orange paper party favor bags.
Sorry dark picture...

Inside their bags I bought Nerf darts ($5 for a pack), yellow lemon candy and orange Cheese Nips for a snack.

I used the the logo from the box to make a quick cake topper-if I had more time I would have copied this off and made more toppers. (The boys didn't care)

For some of the games-

I researched some facts about the Nerf company, and the creator online, then made a 10 question trivia game out of it.

Here are the questions-do you know the answers?

Fun Nerf Trivia quiz

1. What does NERF stand for??
The acronym NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.
2. What is the product slogan frequently used in the 90's?
Its Nerf or nothing!
3. In 1969 who invented a volleyball game that was safe for indoor play?
Reyn Guyer- a games inventor
4. What company originally developed Nerf?
Parker Brothers
5. What was the first Nerf product/toy sold to the public?
The 4” Nerf ball- “world's first official indoor ball”
6. What year was it introduced?
The Nerf ball was introduced 1970
7. What company owns the Nerf line now?
8. What is the main ingredient on the Nerf ball?
9. What was the first Nerf gun produced?
Nerf Bow and Arrow - 1991
10. What is the best selling Nerf at this time?
Nerf Strike

After the boys answered the questions, they were "certified" to use their Nerf guns.

Inside I had placed some targets on the windows and they used the smaller Nerf guns to try and hit their targets.

Outside I set up boxes on top of each other with printed "Nerf bots" taped and hanging on the inside. They had to try and hit the Bots--but it was much more difficult than they expected because Nerf foam bullets aren't very accurate. I let them move in and the winner was who ever could hit the Bot from farthest away.

They came inside for cupcakes and ice cream, then watched Levi open his gifts..which included a new Nerf gun of course.

Afterwards, they all went outside in their "camouflaged" clothes to have a Nerf battle.

Other neighborhood boys showed up to join in, and it lasted for 3 hours!

Levi said ( and I quote) ,"That was the best birthday party ever!"


Elizabeth Falast-Saunders said...

I found you on pinterest! Thanks for this it helped give me ideas for my son's party! I put this on my blog...

I hope I linked to you right! :)

valthecraftygal said...

Thank you so much!