Monday, April 5, 2010

Safari Party

For Lily's 10Th birthday, she wanted to include her love of animals into the mix.... We decided on a Safari theme.

She wore Brian's hat and Levi's fishing vest and some tan shorts for her ensemble.

I strung green crepe paper up for the vines, bought a monkey pinata to hang up in the vines.
I used her large plastic animals on the table for decoration, and bought paper plates and cups that said "Queen of the Jungle".

We used some small plastic animals for the cupcake toppers.

Before the girls arrived, I made passports and put the girl's pics in them. (printed off of the school annual)

When they arrived they wrote their vital statistics and then every time they played a game they stamped an animal image on the page inside.

The party favors were animal print eggs (candy inside), a little notebook, a pencil ,a small animal inside, plus a individual animal crackers and frosted animal cookies.

They played pin the tail on the Lion, tic-tac-toe with animals and bean bags, musical "mud holes" with cardboard outside on the grass, and hide and seek with stuffed animals.

Lily was over joyed with all the animal gifts she received and the art / make up supplies given to her. Hum -now where to put all of them??

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